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Friday, November 11, 2011

THE DATE : 11 11 11

 Since this year is 2011, the November 11th has turned out to be something special to write 11 11 11 in its short form and the newspapers have reported different  aspects of   this curious combination. The office workers would get tired of writing eleven all the day while signing and they would be the lot mostly think about its specialty.

 Any thing that is hard to get are valuable. It would take another hundred years to occur this  numerical homogeneity again and it is nearly impossible for all of us to see this combination  in our life time again and that makes it special.

The astrologers say that the number 11 11 11 signifies the Sun God  and those who are born on the date receives His blessings and become healthy and prosperous. Many a pregnant women in India have booked hospitals and Doctors to get their babies delivered on this date and if the baby chooses to pop out exactly  at 11 minutes after 11 o'clock all the better. Do not laugh at the idea,  they are privileged to practice their belief

The Astrologers and Vasthu Pundits lean heavily on numerals. The Astrologers in India predict eclipses accurately to the second with a pen and paper.The general public too have their traditional beliefs on numbers. The odd numbers are considered India. In China and Japan number 8 is considered auspicious and they spend any money to get that number for houses, Cars etc whereas 4 is considered unlucky by them. The number 13 is notoriously unlucky in western countries.but it is not so in Italy or China. While the Americans are not comfortable with the number 13, an American Dollar note exhibits many things in 13 numbers like 13 stars above the eagle,13 arrows by the eagle etc. In India the 13 is not considered bad except for those who are influenced  by the western notion.. The 7 is considered lucky in India but not in China.Similarly each nation has got its share of superstition on numbers.

And talking about superstition, there are unconfirmed news that Egypt plans to close the Pyramid Khufu for visitors from Thursday evening to Saturday morning following rumors that some unidentified gangs are planning to conduct Masonic rituals on the special day of 11 11 11 in the Pyramid.

 As regards the importance of 11 11 11, we, mortals, live only for a short period here and are not lucky to see any repeat performance of curious date formations.  But in the great ocean of time these numerical armistices have no relevance at all. The cosmic measure for the Time is in billions and trillions where our poor Gregorian calendar is only a joke, at the most.

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