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Sunday, March 29, 2009


Ms.Naomi campbell,the super fashion model had been to Mumbai and walked on an Indian ramp for the first time on Lakme fashion week 2009 in afundraiser show for helping the victims of Mumbai terror attack. The show is named  'Mai Mumbai'. After the show she said in a press conference that she had visited Mumbai for several times and loved the city. Clad in a Sari and the hair decorated with jasmine garland she stood before the press reporters and answered questions on her recent programs, her debut with the Hindi film and generally her life. It was a kind gesture from her for India and for the terrorist victims.

A peep in to her life and career.

Ms.Naomi campbell was born(26th May 1970) in south London, England and her mother Valerie campbell(Jamaican) was a ballet dancer.Naomi spent most of her childhood with a nanny, as her mother was always away travelling with the ballet troupe named 'Fantastica'. Naomi never knew who her father is as he left her mother when she was four months pregnant at the age of 19 and never returned. Naomi said about her father:'I never met my father,my mother does not want that and I have always respected my mother's wishes'. Her father was Chinese descent. At the age of ten she enrolled in Conti stage school in London where she studied Ballet.

Naomi's mother sent her money regularly and she lived with the nanny. Generally speaking that was her childhood life.

Naomi's first public appearance was at the age of 7 in a music video named  'Is this love" and she again appeared in a music video four years later.

The credit for discovering Naomi's talent goes to Beth Boldt,the former head of the Synchro model agency. He noted a girl walking and window shopping in a London street and being in the model business he could see her potential as a model at once from her features.She was Naomi campbell and she agreed to work under him as a model.

Soon she posed for Elle Fashion magazine when one booked model had cancelled the photo session and the magazine editor Sally Brampton was looking for a replacement. Brampton did not think twice as soon as he saw her ravishing smile. Soon she appeared on the cover of Elle Mag. and since then she never looked back. Naomi was just 15 years old then.

Naomi was a woman made for modelling and it came to her naturally and with such talent and ability to work hard it was not surprising that she became one of the top models in no time. She said that she looked at modelling as something she was doing for the black people in general in recognition of the fact that there are lesser number of models from the black community. With the talent and hard work in right mix, it did not take much time for her to become a celebrity. She adorned the cover pages of  glossy fashion magazines all the time, including the British Vogue and Play boy. Naomi was also in the Time magazine cover for once, a rare recognition for a model. In 1991 Naomi was selected as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world by' People' Magazine.

Her talent did not stay put in modelling alone. She wrote two books,one her autobiography and the other a novel named Swan ( she co-authored this book) which was a bestseller too.She acted in many English films and in one Hindi film. She proved her singing ability in some Albums and she also sang with Michael Jackson in one Album which was particularly popular in Japan. Naomi had acted in many T.V.serials. She has a perfume company for her mark in business.The lady luck never left her in all her ventures.

In her personal life several big personalities were occasionally got tied up with her name including Mike Tyson, Leonardo Di caprio, prince Albert. Also not all gossips need not have to be true. Any way she has influential friends all over the world.

Also she has enemies. Apart from normal business enemies her short temper has presented her  with a lot of enemies along with several court cases. She once said:'When I was at school I gave as good as I got.  If they threw stones at me I threw stones at them.  I would stick up for myself in that. Another time she said something very close to the truth:"Anger is a manifestation of deeper issues and that, for me, is based on insecurity, self esteem and loneliness".Her lack of parental love and care in the childhood and the lonely life with the nanny might have affected her nature.

Naomi is charity minded and whenever she felt a cause worth contributing she performed for free to raise funds. Her charity performance include Mandela children's fund, Fidel Castro children's fund, and the Dalai Lama fund raising efforts with the UNESCO for building Kindergarten schools for poor children. The list  is long, perhaps she is the only model to connect fashion world with charity ventures.

Naomi has a multifaceted personality, a personality more close to a genius.

Each and every profession has its unique problems and even for a seemingly effortless walk on a ramp has its own challenges for a professional to overcome and techniques to master in order to be successful and Naomi Campbell has indeed met her challenges and won her game in life

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