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Thursday, January 3, 2013


The News of rapes are on front pages of Newspapers every day and all nations have start wondering why there are so many rapists in India. This New Year post is for the youngsters who plan to become  rapists.

Scores of persons, including very young and very old,  are charged for harassing or raping women all over India daily. The police are generally very alert in arresting and filing cases against such culprits though not so alert at preventing it. The moment a woman complaints at a police station that she has been raped, the culprit instantly becomes a rapist and what was he perceived as a 'masculine adventure' turns in to a shock and nightmare. Similarly the moment a case is  registered at a police station for rape one loses everything in life at one go, the reputation, friends, relatives, work and above all the future on which all pin hopes. Such is the gravity of raping and if anyone seriously  considered the consequences and  impacts of a rape case,  he would not dare touch a woman with a twelve feet pole, let alone rape.

Surprisingly it is still true what the God prophesied to Adam. He said to Adam pointing to the ravishing fruits in a tree at the center of the garden “for on the day you eat of it you shall surely die’. Despite warning Adam ate it and fell from grace. Similarly, people still eat the ravishing fruits and fall in to the blind abysses of gloom every day.

That is what happening in India though in a different way of what God meant.

 Every play boy thinks it safe and secret until he is caught and all rapists now in jail might not have fancied that they would land up in jail one day while in their adventures.  We read the stories of an arrested man's disgrace every day. Yet people continue the mistake again and again. The case of as big a man as I M F President, Dominique Strauss Khan, is a recent incident. He had to bow out from public life including from his high profile job after he was charged of rape in a New York hotel. Though he was acquitted from charges the things are never the same again for him both at home and abroad.

 Unless behaved properly women have enormous power to destroy a person completely however high and mighty he is.

The word ‘rapist’ gives a picture of a man hiding behind a bush springing on the girl passing by and defiling her to satiate his carnal needs. The raping of that kind is done by criminals of the first water and they are pretty incorrigible as they know what they are doing and its consequences very well. They are not also bothered of any punishment as they have nothing to lose.

 But things are not the same for an average young man with job and family. If he wanders in to any misadventures it would be very costly, not only for himself but  for the entire people depending on him. Now  with internet and better communication facilities the chances to go out of the way are plenty. Many an instant friendships take shape these days through social net works and casual meetings.  Those are areas of temptation for the weak and immoral.

 The perspectives about sex are different for man and women. Unlike men women give importance to love and warmth of friendship. Many educated well-employed persons  search the social sites for friendships with females for entertainment and those youngsters are not aware of what a dangerous game they are playing if their motive is instant sex and nothing else. They invite trouble for themselves and their families.

Even if not a rape case is reported to police, a love affair accompanied by sex has every scope to develop in to a big  emotional issue for both unless it promises marriage.  It will rob of all happiness and freedom from them. There is also a chance of turning the affair a rape case if the woman lodges a complaint with the police in an avenging mood. There are many instances of Police cases against  lovers who have jilted their girl friends.

 So think twice before you make a relationship with ulterior motives.

There are some others who at the invitation of a friend share a bed with a girl. The girl might be a case of forced prostitution by her relatives for making money which before long explodes in public and while she spills the beans before the police the name or identity of the unsuspecting young man who once shared the bed with her also comes out and the man get arrested for rape. Just like a bomb explosion the world crumbles before him. There are a number of cases like that in Kerala. Never accept such immoral offers and if possible advise the friend from going ahead.

 In the first place men should cease thinking women as an object worth only for giving sensual pleasure and stop looking at them as Adam looked at the legendary fruits in the Garden of Eden.  In fact women have more strength than men to face the realities of life. They are also ahead of men in making sacrifices. Think of  motherhood, how much love and sacrifice are wrapped up in that single word.

There is no harm in befriending with a girl you liked. But the friendships should remain as friendships  and one should remain within its boundaries. Sex is a destroyer of friendship and love and is a misfit in all human relations except in marriage. The womenfolk generally enjoy friendship, talking and flirting but the buck stops there for most girls and they are satisfied to remain as such. Unlike men sex is a special thing for women and they do not give it away simply for the asking nor the feelings come to them as easily as for the men.

It is possible to remain in a mutually satisfying friendship with a lttle determination and it can become  far more satisfying a relation than anything else.

In India the men and women traditionally keep a distance in several areas. In schools the girls and guys sit separately throughout their education period, also there are colleges and schools exclusively for girls, in buses there are separate seating arrangement for the males and females and in queues they stand separately. It all projects outwardly a very sterile society with least intention to exploit sex. But the fact remains that it has not curbed the sexual violence in the country. It means that the discipline is only skin-deep.  There are views that the rigid sequestration of men and women is doing more harm than good. It is however a worthy subject for research by social scientists.

The Indian tradition and culture do not favor promiscuous sexual relations and no one can flout the laws of land and live on his own.  So let all Playboy friends take a resolution on the morning of this New Year to  restrain dangerous instincts for amoral adventures and avoid landing in trouble. There are temptations all around like the fruits in the Garden of Eden but do not fall for them  “for on the day you eat of it you shall surely die’.

Wishing you all a happy, prosperous and harmonious New Year.