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Monday, April 23, 2012

Florence Colgate: The best face in U K

 A symmetrical face enhances beauty. The dictionary definition of facial symmetry is that if divided, each side of the face would be an identitical half. The perfect symmetry is rare and while growing up, the asymmetry becomes more pronounced as emotions that come and go in day-to-day life make their marks on the face.  Animals choose male partners with higher symmetry as symmetry is said to indicate the ability to give healthy babies.  It is a nature's selection and as such the trend  remains with us also,  for it is said that women prefer or get attracted to men with less asymmetrical faces.

Well, the question of facial symmetry came up for an active discussion the world over a couple of days ago when on last Saturday an eighteen year old student in U.K.named Florence Colgate won a competition sponsored by Lorraine cosmetics as best symmetrical face in the country. The sponsors were looking for a perfect symmetrical face from among the contestants rather than for the prettiest face and in its process they went at length to physically measure the facial features to determine its symmetry with international standards. The candidates in the competition were not allowed to do make up and hence it was named rather invitingly as ‘Lorraine:naked’. Those who have done plastic surgery were also barred from contesting.

Florence was chosen from among 8000 contestants and none would complain the choice of her as she possessed such a perfect face. Presently she is studying in Dover Grammar School, for A-levels. She works at a chips shop on Saturdays to make pocket money. Now both her school and her sea side village is celebrating her unique status. Not only her village, all U K is talking about her and the competition. She is a  celebrity now. She has received offers for modeling and her picture will be splashed in fashion magazines. Soon her beautiful face would become familiar in the entire country and outside. It is doubtful whether she can continue work in the chips shop as she has grown too big by now to remain in there. However it was the customers of the shop who had urged her to participate in the competition besides her family and friends.

Florence appears to have got her prized symmetry from her mother who looks like Florence herself in a picture except for the aging.

She said she liked modeling and she has also plans to study business management.
The irony is that famous painters and sculpters including Da Vinci had had tried to create a perfect face without success but nature created it without ceremony and left her coolly to do the chores in a chips shop on Saturdays. It reminds us the abundant resource and eternal indifferenc of nature.

Now that the facial symmetry is in the lime lights there is a chance to get it a  place in beauty contests though symmetry alone does not make one beautiful.

As for Miss Florence, it is a great beginning at such a young age and opportunities are awaiting her if she is enough smart and lucky to tap them.

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