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Tuesday, December 25, 2012


What is needed for the Delhi city to make it safe for the women folk is a complete overhaul of the Police force. There is nothing that an efficient officer at the helm of the force cannot accomplish. The gruesome rape on the 23 year old girl is not the first incident in the city. Yet it is different in its savagery. The rapists were beasts.


The case attracted public attention and sympathy because it was the most inhuman barbarity meted out on an innocent and helpless girl. The girl and her boy friend  went to see the movie ' life of Pi ' on the evening of 16th December, in South Delhi area.  They came out of the Theater by 8.30 or so. and took an auto rickshaw until the boy friend's house, in Munrikara. The girl had to go to Dwaraka sub-city, to reach her home and they were looking for an auto rickshaw when the fateful bus arrived on the spot. The driver stopped the bus obviously on seeing the girl and asked them where they were going.when they replied 'Dwaraka' the driver said that they were also going there. The bus driver and his cronies numbering six were on a joy ride in the city after drinks. The duo boarded the bus which was to change their life for ever.

What happened in the bus after wards was sheer cold blooded bestiality. They knocked down the boy friend first  when he tried to interfere when the goons misbehaved with the girl. Then the six of them took turns and raped her. They must be devils in human form for they started beating her with an iron rod, mutilated her private parts and kicked her stomach till she was unconscious. Then they threw both of them out of the bus. No one among the six had a mind to interfere and stop the assault on her.  They were rescued by police and hospitalized. The attending doctors were stunned to see the condition of her body and the extend of damage perpetrated on the girl. Her intestines were permanently damaged and that alone speaks the pain and trauma she suffered from those beasts.The doctors had to remove it entirely leaving only a few inches length. There were damages to head and some inner organs too. She underwent two major and one minor surgeries and  She has to undergo rare and complex intestinal transplantation to lead normal life.


The Delhi youths identified her sufferings with themselves and the incident as a threat to their own life in the city. They came out en mass on to the road shouting slogans without any call for strike by anyone and sat on the road braving the winter nights.The Government was shocked to see the mass agitation as it was an unfamiliar sight and response in India.

There is justifiable  reason for the youths' anger. Raping is a daily affair in Delhi. There were more than 600 rape cases registered in last year. Normally 80% rapes do not go unreported to the police. And when the remaining 20% is as much as 600 cases, the number of rapes or harassment against women can be imagined, almost 3000 an year. The reports say that of the 600 odd cases only one was convicted.


The Police force in Delhi, over Time, has become lackadaisical against all crimes  and they now need effective management to serve fruitfully. A vegetable vendor,Ramdhir, was robbed in the same bus where the rape took place before the girl and boy friend boarded the bus. He was looted and dumped on the road.  He complained the matter with the policemen he found nearby. But they said that the incident was taken place out of their jurisdiction and  they were unable to take action. Had they caught the bus then and there the gruesome rape would not have taken place.  The policemen have been suspended for their inaction and indifference.

 In Delhi most police men are on escort duty for the V I Ps. About 7000 policemen are on escort or protection duty for 400 V I Ps. The law pertaining to protocol is old and it needs a re evaluation  as to whether such a big contingent of police force are necessary for escort duty.

 The policemen are deputed for both  escort and law and order duties from the same pool. If the law and order and escort duties are made two separate sections the law and order supervision might improve. In other words a re look is necessary in using the police force for various duties in order to ensure that law and order is maintained properly

The judicial process too needs a revamping. Cases filed in the court take too long to finalize which  in turn dampen the spirit of Policing and encourage criminals. A fast track court for law and order cases will greatly help for speedy trial and punishment. The Government has promised to set up one soon.

 However in this case the police have arrested all the six culprits from various parts of the country and remanded. The charge sheet will be submitted in court soon.

The harassment against women is there in most  cities of India  forcing the women to remain at home after nightfall. The problem has deep roots from the attitude of traditional patriarchal society  and its  general apathy towards girl child to the freedom of globalization.  Deterrent punishment and propaganda against such heinous acts are the only way to curb it.

The trauma of rape, unlike other assaults, is different for a girl. It affects her socially and psychologically. The womenfolk themselves do not look upon a rape victim kindly and as such fearing repercussions most cases go unreported. The rapists exploit it to the hilt. Even during the hue and cry of this case  rape incidents were reported from some parts of the city. The reason for the unusual sight of girls and guys lining up the streets of Delhi with lighted candles braving the 04 C winter chill is nothing other than their sense of insecurity in the world of rapists.


The identity of the victim is kept secret on the request of her family and what is available from the press draws a pleasant and positive picture of the girl. Always cheerful she made others happy just by her presence. She belongs to a lower middle class family. Though she lived in a small apartment in Delhi with her parents for attending college  her birth place and home is in Balia, Utter Pradesh. She is the eldest  child and being clever in studies her father sent her for physiotherapy course  at Dehradun selling their ancestral land with a hope that she would be able to redeem it one day. She is very loving and helpful to the parents and is expecting a job in a few months after the course is completed. Knowing her parents' plight she spends money carefully and to help her parents she used to give tuition for children

 It is said that her marriage is to take place soon with her boy friend who accompanied her in the bus.

 The girl is still fighting for life. She is on ventilator and shows signs of impending infection at times  However she has been provided with the best medical care in the country by the Government free of charge. A team of  doctors are attending her round the clock devotedly. They have taken this as a challenge and doing everything to remedy whenever any negative symptoms are seen.

The girl is cooperating with the doctors amazingly.  She is showing rare courage and optimism against the tragedy. The criminals could do nothing to her indomitable spirit. There is a psychiatrist in the hospital to counsel patients but he finds no need of counselling for her as she is cheerful every time he visits her. The attending doctors have been touched by her zest for life. Even in such a devastated condition she expressed desire to change dress and do her hair,says a doctor.
 Even the President has commented on her positive attitude against such tragedy.

 A girl of such indefatigable willpower and  zest for life should come out of the trauma successfully.  prayers for her speedy recovery. God bless.

Latest. The girl has been shifted to Mt. Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore for further treatment on experts' advise. The entire expenses for the treatment are borne by Government and the Girl's parents have also accompanied her.

Demise : The girl,whose identity has not been made known, breathed her last at 2.15 A M on 29.12.12 at Mt. Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore. The Singapore Government, St. Elizabeth Hospital Doctors, nurses and staff condoled the demise. The Doctors said  " She was courageous in fighting for her life for so long against the odds, but the trauma to her body was too severe for her to overcome"  

Image Courtesy : Google & Wiki