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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Pranab Kumar Mukherjee or Mukhopadhyaya, has taken the oath of office of the President of India today, the 25th July, The ceremony went off well and he made a short speech on his determination to protect the constitution.

 He was not on the cards as a possible nominee for the post of President  even a few months back, not because he was not eligible for the post, but he was found indispensable  figure in the day to day politics. He helped as a trouble shooter, someone reliable and knowledgeable to ask an opinion and above all a strong man in the Government to meet any eventuality. In fact there is at present none to replace him.

Pranab though worked tirelessly, was getting impatient to get a promotion to the highest post of either the P.M. or the President and with such a mood  Pranab had to be granted his wish.   Sonia  Gandhi suggested  Mukerjee's name and Mukerjee happily accepted the offer.

 A humble cordial person, Mukerjee had few enemies and as such his winning the election was a cakewalk. Besides, Mukherjee left no things to chance  and unlike others  he personally met leaders of all political parties and ensured their support.

 It seems that  Pranabji always liked to be on the Raisina Hills as President. Once in an interview he  said that he would be more fit as President than as Prime Minister. It is to be presumed that he himself considered not enough popular and flexible for the post of Prime Minister, whereas flexibility is not considered a quality to the President as the  guardian of constitutional functioning of Government.

Though Pranab was expert trouble-shooter in the Government he was poor at dealing with the electorates and nurturing a constituency. Even his own birth place did not get any special care from him. He was a man seeing India as a whole

A true Bengali,  Mukherjee knows  even the special kind of sweets prepared in different parts of Bengal. He was born on 11 December 1935 in Mirati Village near Karnahar town , 26 Miles away from famous Shanti Niketan.

 Mirati is one of the backward villages of Bengal with widespread paddy fields all around . Pranab walked  4 Miles  through the paddy fields to reach school. There was also a riverlet enroute to the school  which had no bridge and Pranab crossed it by swimming with books and dress clutching on the head. Called Poltu at home, Pranab was clever at studies. He studied at Vidya Sagar College. He is M A(History) and M A (Political science) LLB, D.Litt. Beyond the education, with his sharp memory and prodigious intelligence he mastered all knowledge and that was why he could become Minister in almost all Ministries thru his career. He is also member of many world bodies like IMF, world Bank, ADB etc.

Pranab Mukherjee married Suvra Mukherjee on July 13, 1957 and he has two sons and a daughter. Pranab’s wife prefers not to be in the limelight. She said in an interview that they have not quarrelled not even once in their life.

Pranab is more friendly with Budhdev Bhattacharya of Bengal communist Party than with some others in his own party. It was due to Budhadev’s intense pressure that the Communist party decided to support him in the presidential election despite protests from some party stalwarts..

 Mamata Banerjee  protested when he was chosen as Presidential candidate. At the same time she gave him cassettes of Rabindra Sangeet a few days before. Mamata came for the swearing in ceremony and invited Pranab to Bengal as his first visit after taking charge.

Pranab is a vegetarian and a strong believer. He spends an hour for Pooja every morning.
The Media has started speculating as to how he would fare as President.He has been a tireless worker, a workaholic all his life both in the Ministries and outside as trouble shooter. Now in the regal splendour of Rashtrapati Bhavan he has to lead a life like one all dressed up and nowhere to go. If he has chosen mentally a retired life  there will not be problem. 

He can indulge in his hobbies of writing, reading, listening music in peace and he deserves it after such a hectic life .

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