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Monday, December 17, 2012


 If one is to prophecy something like world will end on such-n-such day or extra celestial beings might attack earth soon, there would be thousands of people to believe it blindly. A controversy is now going on.This time it is upon the Mayan Calendar. The Mayans believed that every 5125 years the world underwent an upheaval paving way for all to begin again. The NASA has calculated the end of the present 5125 years on 21st of this month and as per their prediction the world cannot exist beyond 21st of this month.

The Mayan civilization was a highly developed one. It ruled the northern-central and the Mexican regions from B C 2000 to AD 900 of which the classic period of development was from A D 250 to 900. The civilization, like all things in the world, declined and died for no apparent reason after its classic era.

The Mayan Time scale is widely different from that of modern science. The modern astronomy says that the big bang which kick-started the Universe occurred 13 plus Billion years ago and earth evolved about 4 Billion years ago. In other words the Astronomy never considers a period beyond 13 billion years for all its practical purposes.

The Mayan calculation of Time is in tune with Hindu scriptures. As per Hindu scriptures the life time of the Universe is astronomically big.

The Hindu scriptures say that Brahma is the creator of the Universe. His single day time is more than 2 Billion years and with the night time too added with it a day is as long as 4 Billion 200 Million years.
His one year of life is thus more than a Trillion years. Brhma lives up to the classical age limit of 120 years. When he attains 120 years after a lapse of  more than 120 Trillion years, both the Brahma and the Universe becomes naught. In his place another Brhma comes in to being and the creation starts all over again. The cycle goes on and on for all eternity. Considering the endless nature of both Time and Space it is indeed a possible scenario.
The astronomic calculation is based on the most distant Galaxies visible with the powerful telescopes. Since both Time and space are infinite limiting the age of the universe would defy commonsense. But the Astronomers have to do that in order to base their calculations.

Coming back to the immediate issue of December 21st, NASA has made clear that no celestial objects are rushing towards earth for a hit and nothing unusual in the working of the solar system could be found. A majority of people do not take the Mayan prediction seriously either.

Any way our solar system and sun would one day perish when the sun burns out. Our abode is not that safe to remain for all eternity. But we would have been long since dead and forgotten by then, thank God.