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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

To refuse a Padma award

 The names of persons who have been selected for  Padma Awards have been announced. There are 108 persons selected, 4 Padma vibushan, 24 Padma Bhushan, and 80 Padmasree. As  soon as the names were announced the controversies have also been started, mainly because the selection process is still not transparent and nepotism in selection process is  frequently complained.

The practice of giving away those awards were started by British rulers. They awarded Titles to those persons who stood with them  in the pre-independent India and it served  the purpose of appeasing them for further loyalty. After independence,  the practice continued though it actually serves no purpose other than making  a lot of disgruntled persons. The Union Government also has its share of woes in carrying out the process like court cases , media criticisms and  complaints of both the recipients and non-recipients. After the Republic day a Pandora's box opens on the issues of Padma awards.

Actually the Government conferring titles to some chosen people is against the equality principle in the constitution, consequently, it is not allowed to use the title along with the name of the recipient though some people do so.

All said, the award is still regarded highly and the recipients  respected. The controversies or complaints about the awards have not affected its public image seriously. One reason for its continuing prestige is that it is  given by none other than the President of India on recommendation of the prime Minister.

This year's controversy is the refusal of  award by  Smt. S Janaki, veteran singer who has been chosen for the Padma Bhushan this year. The ground on which she refuses award is quite an unexpected one. She said that she was entitled for the award long before and that she did not intend to accept it at this late stage. Smt Ramamurthy Janaki's present outpourings will surprise all. She  had never raised such complaints before and spent her life serving music selflessly. She has been singing thousands of excellent songs for the last sixty or so years. Though what she said is substantially correct it does not support grounds to reject the award. ( better late than never is true for awards too) In fact awards are divine and it is not ethically correct to refuse it, however small, untimely or unwelcome it is. Now it is Smt. Janaky herself who is standing against getting the award for her.

One would wish that she had respected the award and  accepted it from the Hon President. She deserved it.

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