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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Navodaya Appachan: Tributes

Navodaya Appachan, the pillar of Malayalm film industry died on the evening of 23rd this month  at the Lakeshore Hospital Cochin.  He was 87. Maliyam Purakkal Chako Punnoose alias Appachan was born in the year 1925 in Pulimkunnu of Alleppy District. He and his brother Kunchako established Udaya Studio when he was just 21 years old. The Udaya Studio and Navodaya studio together produced more than hundred films. The face of the Malayalam Film industry would have been a different one if he had not been in it.  

When Appachan  entered the film industry the technology was in its infant stage but Appachan was watchful on new developments and innovations in it and  he pioneered to bring those costly trends like cinemascope to the comparatively small Malayalam film industry. Appachan produced the 1st 70 mm film in Malayalam(Padayottam),1st 3D film( My dear Kuttichathan)and the 1st Cinemascope film(Thacholi Ambu) It would have taken years to reach them in to Malayalm film unless Appachan took courage to initiate them
without thinking its commercial angle.

Appachan was not a profit-centered producer  but a dedicated producer who took care to deliver quality goods for the money. The films like ‘Manjil Virinja Pookal’ or ‘Ente mamattikuttiyammaku’ were path breaking  quality films.

Appachan always welcomed new faces in all departments of the film industry. He was ready to take the risk in drafting new faces which not many  producers dared to do. Consequently, a lot of talented persons could  be ushered in to the industry and make their contribution in it. Actress Sarada, Mohanlal,Salini, Poornima Jayaram, Fazil, Sibi Malayil, Priyadarshan, Jerry Amal Dev, the list is long and they are some of the great talents he brought to the lime light. Only a dedicated person will experiment with new persons and ideas. Appachan was a dedicated stalwart of  Malayalam film industry.

Aside films he had a passion for Theme Park. On seeing Disney Land he created a theme park named 'Kishkindha' at Tambaram, Chennai. He had put in a lot of care and money in that venture.  Appachan spent his last years in his house nearby it .

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