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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The venerable Dalai Lama now on a visit to japan has stated that China is transforming the life of Tibet very badly.The unique Buddhist culture of Tibet is on the wane since its occupation by China in 1950 under Mao zedong. His holiness Dalai lama had to flee from Tibet and form a exile in Dharmasala in India.It is the 50th anniversary of the exile Govt.and no solution to the demand for autonomy is in sight under the adamant and at times cruel rule of China .

It is incomprehensible what satisfaction that giant of a nation, China,  is deriving in suffocating a tiny nation like Tibet. In fact all nations are in sympathy with Tibetan people. But no nation  wishes to earn the displeasure of China and also there are some trade  or financial interests for most of the nations with China.Yet some heads of nations like France, America  Japan etc have issued discreet statements in favour of Tibet. Most of the nations receive Tibetan Head Dalai lama as guest. But China is adamant and it will not, for all the protests of nations, give up Tibet.

On the 50th anniversary there are widespread protests all over Tibet against Chinese occupation and the China, as usual, is using military might against the monks and that was the present provocation for Dalai lama to issue statement against China.

The Chinese Govt is seeing a gold mine in the tourism potential of Tibet. The tourists are attracted by the culture and scenic beauty of that mountain- nation. But for a culturally fragile nation like Tibet tourists pose danger of polluting its atmosphere and heritage.The monks living there say that the tourists are changing the lifestyles of young people there.

What hope is there left for the Tibetans to save their nation and culture?

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