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Sunday, July 24, 2011


 Hina Rabbani Khar  (34) has been appointed as the new Foreign Minister in Pakistan. She has been in the Ministry of economic affairs & statistics as State Minister and lately as a Junior Minister in the Ministry of foreign affairs.

Now she has been promoted  as full fledged Foreign  Minister. The post was remaining vacant for the last 6 months since Shah Mahamood qureshi was removed and it has now been filled in the context of ensuing talks with India next month. She will come to India next month for the talks. The decision to promote her was taken 'considering her ability, efficiency and her interaction with the foreign Ministry'  the P.Ms office said. She is the first woman foreign Minister in Pakistan and the youngest too

Hina Rabbani was born on the 19th January 1977 in Multan of Punjab Province and is the daughter of Malik Ghulam Noor Rabbani a politician and a landlord holding sprawling landed property with sugarcane, Mango orchards and fishing lakes. The Kher family being very prominent in Punjab Province they get access to power politics automatically. The big landlords have always a place in the Pakistan politics 

Hina Rabbani graduated from the Lahore University and took Msc from the Massachusetts University in Hotel management in the year 2001.The family is a co-owner of a Restaurant at the Lahore Polo Grounds serving classy European and western food. The reason for choosing Hotel management for the Post graduate course might have stemmed out of  her Restaurant ownership.   
The post of Foreign Minister is considered a masculine one as it entails interacting with various foreign dignitaries and frequent travels abroad. Yet Nirupama Rao as foreign secretary in India, Condolizza Rice as state secretary in U.S and Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan themselves  have had made their mark in the fieldof diplomacy. Hina Rebbani is younger and inexperienced in the world stage and her appointment despite her short comings shows the confidence bestowed upon her by the Pakistan Government. It is also a progressive step by the Government in empowering women and bringing them out into public life.

Hina Rabbani has some records to her credit. She is the first woman to have  presented a budget when in the finance ministry and she is one of the few women to have been elected in a general seat when her father became  ineligible for election as he is not a Graduate. She was elected from the Muzaffargarh constituency. Hina started her Political career joining Pervez  Musharaff's party and later switched to ruling Pakistan Peoples Party.

The work in the foreign Ministry is indeed a challenging one for Hina Rabbani and if she could handle  it efficiently  it can become a stepping stone for higher levels.  Politics is complex in Pakistan. The U.S.-Pakistan relation, Pakistan-India relation, public opinion, military interests terrorism and Afghanistan are all problem-ridden areas requiring careful handling. Besides, there are many contradictory interest groups also in the Pakistan Politics which she will have to handle delicately.

Hina Rabbani, a refreshingly young and beautiful lady, is a surprise candidate in the murky grounds of politics.However, let the looks not deceive you, she is very shrewd and intelligent and can very well survive  in the male dominated field of Politics and administration.

She is married to Feroz Gulzar, a well known business man, and they have two daughters, Annaya and Dina. Hina, a rising star in the Pakistan Politics, is an extrovert by nature and you will see her rarely in T.V.shows. She likes trekking and has traveled extensively in Pakistan.

 A Minister, in a democratic set up, cannot be expected to make a paradigm shift in the nation's Foreign policy as various factors have to be considered in the making of a policy  Yet if she could work her way up without attracting controversies she can consider herself  successful.

LATEST  :  Mr.Firoze Gulzar, husband of  Hina Rabbani Khar has made clear that the outrageous News going round about a Love affair between  Ms.Hina Rabbani and son of Pakistan President Mr. Bilwal Bhutto was a false propaganda to disgrace them. When the Press men contacted with Ms. Hina Rabbani who is in New York  to attend U.N. conference, she also ridiculed the matter saying that such dirty News deserved no reply.

The News had originated from a Bangladesh Tabloid  Newspaper which has not been confirmed by any responsible News agency.

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