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Thursday, May 5, 2011


 The wedding of Catherine and William might be still lingering in the memory of many who have seen it. One reason, perhaps the main reason was that the couple matched perfectly like in a fairy tale. 

 Catherine was strikingly beautiful and her dress matched perfectly. She appeared to be floating  to the aisle rather than walking . William,in his army red coat,  was looking like a real  'man' eager to shoulder the many responsibilities of a conjugal life, which was in stark contrast to Kate's timid, uncertain disposition at the time.

Similarly all factors of the wedding matched perfectly.

The venue of the function was Westminster Abbey, the stunning, high-ceilinged  Gothic church , large and aristocratic enough to accommodate a Royal wedding.

The guests were chosen from the Royal descends of Europe and they all fitted quite to the scene.

And the Great Canterbury Arch Bishop united the couple and sermoned on them in his baritone voice about the values of conjugal life.

Ms Kate came to the marriage accompanied by her father in a Rolls Royce and returned after the ceremony as Duchess of Camebridge with  the Duke in a traditional Horse-cart.

The people of London and elsewhere were cheering the couple all along routes of their journey while billions watched the ceremonies in T.V. around the world

By all counts it was a great wedding.

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