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Sunday, February 3, 2013


It is not clear whether the film Viswaroopam which was in the thick of controversy contained any scenes hurting sentiments of a section of the audience or not. Any way a rumour to the effect stalled the exhibition of the picture for some days raising jitters of its producer Kamalahasan who has invested everything in it to make it a mega 100 Crore film.

Earlier Kamalahasan tried to release the film via D T H  prior to Theater release, a novel method in India which  annoyed  the Theater owners. The venture also did not succeed as D T H subscribers’ response was lukewarm. It is after that the accusations of hurting religious sentiments came up. The Tamil Nadu Government prohibited the film from exhibiting in order to keep law and order.

India being a multi-religious country even a small issue that creates a religious disharmony can become a big issue with devastating effect. So the Tamil Nadu Government cannot be blamed for prohibiting the film.  The writers and producers of films or Dramas should be aware of the boundaries of space they can dawdle and use their freedom of expression according to it.

Now it appears that the issue is solved after a meeting between Kamalahasan and religious leaders. The Tamil Nadu Government itself  initiated the meeting in the Secretariat . Kamalahasan is a big name in the Tamil film Industry and no one wants to bust him, including the religious leaders on some corrigible issues.

Now the film will be released in Tamil Nadu and I am sure it will get a mega welcome. The film has received good reviews and the combination of quality and controversy is sure to trigger a big win at the box-office. 

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