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Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Wake Up Call From Aisha Qaddafi

Aisha Qaddafi, only daughter of slained  leader of Libya has called upon the Libyans to 'overthrow' the present rulers of Libya, the News reports say. The audio message broadcast on Syria's Al-Rai Television station urged further to revolt against " the Government  arrived with planes of NATO".

She along with her remaining family consisting of her mother and two brothers is presently in Algiers  as ' humanitarian refugee' with condition not to make public statements. Aisha Qaddafi's present call for revolt is a violation of her promise which can invite repercussions.. Algiers had close relation with Qaddafi and she and her family could find refuge in Algiers during the troubled times on account of that.  The present rulers of Libya appear not very particular to prosecute her and family as there are not very serious charges against them.

 And the Times are changing,  the Algiers is slowly warming up with the present rulers of Libya and her public statements would not be taken kindly any more. Aisha was speaking after 40 days'mourning time of her father's death.

She is certainly not going to gain anything with that speech except putting herself in peril. She had made similar speech in September when the Libyans had warned her that she would be expelled if she repeated it. Now Algiers' relation  with Libya a little more warmer Aisha should have been more scrupulous for her own good

LATEST :     As expected the Algiers Government has violently reacted to Aisha's speech  reported  Egyptian Gazette. The spokesman for Algiers'foreign Minister, Amar Belani, said. that new 'transgression' would carry consequences and that Aisha Gaddafi was hosted for only a limited time. On her provocative speech  he said  " we deplore these unacceptable statements as much as we deplore the fact that Madame Aisha Gaddafi has violated for the second  time the rules of  hospitality that was accorded to her in Algeria as a humanitarian gesture"

She had taped her speech running four minutes and sent to the T.V.station which they aired. There are still soldiers loyal to Gaddafi deep in the desert and the new Government is chasing them.  Gaddafi was a man capable of having several incarnations in one life and he is not going to fade away any time soon