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Friday, April 26, 2013


 From Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh comes the horrifying news of a pregnant woman forcefully got injected with H I V infected blood. The dastardly act was done on dowry and girl child issues. The husband and the in-laws were asking her to bring in more dowries which she could not do and she was pregnant bearing a baby girl. The in-laws got furious over them and instead of killing her out right the husband and her in-laws decided to make her and her child suffer for life. They contacted a compounder-relative of their genre and he injected the H I V infected blood, presumably convincing her of giving medicine.  Now both the child and the woman have to bear the burden of H I V infection up to the end of their lives.

That was the climax after a long and painful harassment on that helpless woman. It was not the husband alone in the act; the females in the family were also accomplices for that including the compounder relative.  She complained with the police only recently after several months’ lapse and the culprits have now been arrested.  One would wish that they rot the rest of their life in a small jail cell.

The harassment on daughter-in-laws is commonplace  all over India on one pretext or other. However those pathetic stories remain within the walls of the house unless it culminated in criminal acts like this. If it is not on dowry, it is on giving birth to female babies.

It is the persons from those families who are the culprits in most of the brutal rape cases now enacting all over India.  Women mean nothing to those brutes beyond the money they bring in and the nightly routine sex after drinks. Since the number of families that harass daughter-in-laws are abundant all over India, so are the rapists of small girls and women. Perhaps more than Internet pornography or else, it is the attitude of men on women that makes India almost inhospitable for women.

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