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Thursday, July 5, 2012



Sarah Tressler born in Bayou city, Houston was a journalist working in Houston Chronicle as its society reporter . A rival Newspaper in Houston, the Houston Press, was obviously waiting for a chance to down size Chronicle. The Houston Press published a report that Sarah Tressler had a double life, one as Chronicle reporter and the other  moon walking at night  in strip joints. It was a fact, she worked as a stripper for what she says to pay back her educational loan running in to hundred thousands or so.

She would have been lauded as a model personality had she chosen a job which did not involve stripping. The Management of Houston Chronicle found the side job not in tune with a reporter’s work. They promptly fired her. Sarah Tressler was not the sulking type. She filed a case against the Chronicle at, Equal Employment opportunity Commission charging gender discrimination. The case is going on. She was a regular employee at the Chronicle and her job involved interviewing society personalities

She has been writing in a Blog named,’ angry stripper’, anonymously even when she was in the job.  The Houston Times might have found out it.   When it comes to money, it was not such a bad job that she did, for, she got 750 to 1200 Dollars per day. The dance clubs do not pay her, instead she pays the club a fixed sum out of the tips she gets and the club provides her security against any vandalism from the audience.  Once the dance is done, cash flows on to the stage and she can take the cash, pay club’s share and scram for home.

She has now settled her educational loan and is living comfortably alone in an apartment reading or watching T V. She is also a part-time writing instructor at Houston University.  The University does not seem to mind her work at night. Tressler said that one of her students told her that she also was doing stripping. 

 Losing the job was a real shock for her and she has not got over it yet. She is very angry now, angry against the world or system. She has plans to perform dance in all major cities as a protest gesture. Besides, she is compiling her blog posts to make an E book named 'Diary of an  angry stripper' which may come out by Mid-July.

Sarah Tressler holds a Masters Degree in Journalism and was a clever reporter. The professionals usually like to be known in their chosen field. If she had preferred to be a stripper she would have chosen that line without bothering about journalism. I think she loves to be known as a journalist.

Considering the sound and fury the whole sordid affair created, the best choice for Sarah Tressler is to channelize her energy constructively  and start a small newspaper on her own. The venture, with her experience and smartness smells success.

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