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Friday, December 28, 2012


On December 19th 2012 Leila Lopez handed over the Miss Universe crown to Miss Olivia Culpo of U S A. at the Miss Universe pageant held in Las Vegas. Miss Lopes did not forget to whisper a small advice to the nervous Miss Olivia before handing over the Crown: “Be calm and smile. Smiling helps a lot. Even though they are not relaxed, the judges will think they are.”  She obeyed her senior’s advice.

 Though Miss Olivia is relatively a novice in the world of pageants she won three major titles in a row within an year and three months. In October 2011 she won her first pageant of Miss Rhode Island, in June 2012 she won Miss U S A title and in December 2012 the Miss Universe title, the ultimate in beauty pageants. Actually she expected to win any of them.

Olivia Culpo was born on May 8, 1992, in Rhode Island, U S A and is the daughter of Susan and Peter Culpo. They are of Italian descent and Olivia is the middle child of 5 siblings. Both Susan and Peter are professional musicians and  they insisted their children to learn to play at least one chosen instrument. Olivia chose Cello and mastered it. She plays the instrument professionally for concerts.

 Miss Olivia is a sophomore of Boston University studying theater and communications. She is considered one of the bright students there. Miss Olivia said in an interview that the idea of a career in beauty pageants was  first dawned on her when she was studying in eighth grade when she saw Danielle La course, the 2007 Miss Rhode Island and later runner up of Miss U S A, in a school function. Olivia admired her elegance and beauty sitting in a row behind her. If what her brother said is to be believed she was a short and chubby girl then and did not seriously think about pageantry afterwards.  She spent her time on music and being born and brought up in a music family it was her natural environment. She played Cello for concerts and it helped her gain confidence on stage performances.

At some point of her adolescence she got beauty conscious and took care in what she ate and how she dressed. She reduced her Carbo intake and chose Protein rich food. Thus she changed gradually in to a beautiful girl. The idea of joining in the entertainment world struck her during those days. However she was not sure what branch to choose from those like anchoring, hosting, acting or pageants. In the end she decided to contest in the Miss Rhode Island pageant. (After all there was nothing to lose in contesting a pageant).  Miss Culpo would say that she got her inspiration for contesting from Giuliana Rancic, the former Miss Maryland who coincidentally was co- hosting the Miss Universe pageant. The whole family of Olivia was surprised on her decision to contest in the pageant. They said they did not know anything about pageants and advised her not to contest and to continue study.

Olivia somehow stuck to her decision and started hunting for a pageant dress. She got one on rent of $20 on the night before the pageant was to take place and being in the night a hole in the dress was not noticed until the last minute and she contested her first  pageant in that torn dress.

 However, the announcement crowning her the Miss Rhode Island title dispelled whatever misgivings she had of her future and put her on track to the coveted crown of Miss Universe. 

Olivia Culpo is a model girl on any count. In her twenty years’ life she has no regrets on past actions other than picking on her siblings while growing up which is universal.  ( she said so to the judges of Miss Universe contest ) She has good talent in classical music and  has performed along with renowned musicians on many stages. She led a straight life with no mischief to conceal as it is clear from her reply in an interview that she was not afraid of press digging her past once she becomes a celebrity.  And to top them all she has a pretty face and a cheerful countenance.

In Planet Hollywood at Las Vegas she beat 88 other beauties to take hold of the crown of Miss Universe. It is the eighth time and fifteen years hence an American winning the title. The last title holder was Brook Lee in 1997 and the Crown was eluding the U S since then and Olivia herself thought that she would not get the crown on seeing the trend.

The first runner up of 2012 Miss Universe  was 23 year old Miss Philippines, Janine Tugononand the 2nd runner up Miss Venezuela, Irene Sofia.

Now that Miss Olivia  has won the coveted Crown of Miss Universe she is entitled for a posh Apartment in New York, wardrobes with abundant supply of dresses and a hefty salary. She can lead a very posh life while doing her philanthropic works in areas of Breast Cancer and Aids awareness.

In due course  Olivia might certainly get chances in Holly wood as she desires and  can become another Audrey Hepburn ( Olivia’s model actress)  if she is as much talented and lucky as is now in pageantry .