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Thursday, May 9, 2013


 The Karnataka election results gave the Congress party a victory the party badly needs now. It was
almost sure that B J P will face defeat in Karnataka but the voting pattern  is interesting. While Sri.Yediyurappa won, his party faced a crushing defeat. When the Congress won the election as it had never before, its party state President G. Parameswar was defeated.

The long, sordid Yediyurappa corruption scenes in the Karnataka politics had certainly influenced the voters and the king pin Yedurappa’s victory is mostly due to the support of Lingayat clan to which he belongs.  His party, K J P, got only 6 seats out of 216 seats contested. The acceptability of K J P in Karnataka is only limited and cast based.

Although Yediyurappa could not gain much in the election it could hurt the B J P.  the way Yediurappa wanted. The spectacular Congress victory was made possible by none other than Yediyurappa whose K J P could split the B J P votes and help congress win many unexpected seats.

  Though the election was conducted amidst the corruption charges in Parliament it did not perceptibly influence the voters, the congress victory shows that.  Similarly the victory of Yediyurappa is also an indication of voter’s indifference against corruption.

The result also shows that Karnataka would have remained with B J P had the party been able to give a clean good governance, the 40 seats B J P gained against all odds like anti incumbency, split votes etc is a proof of it

The scenario in India is that the people elect a party to Govern the state. The party bosses, being in power make the most of it while in power which in turn give the worst administration to the people. In the next election the voters revenge the party by choosing the other party. So it is all negative votes and political parties are yet to learn how to get positively elected.

However some leaders are slowly realising the need for good governance and for them the voters express their thanks by re-electing them. The Bihar and Gujarat are examples.

It takes long while for democracy to establish and function properly.