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Sunday, November 6, 2011


THE  dedicated and committed Members of  legislative Assembly are getting rarer in Kerala as in other places  as they are chosen without much regard to their ability and commitment. The poor selection criterion has brought  down  the number of learned, expert legislators in the Assembly. This is where the absence of Members like Sri T.M.Jacob are felt.

Sri Thonnikal Mathew Jacob was born on 16 th September 1950 to Sri T.S.Mathew and Annamma Mathew. He became a Member of the kerala Congress at the age of 14. and  became  M.L.A. at 26.from Piravom Constituency. He continued his presence in the Assembly till his death on the 30 th of October, 2011 and served as a Minister for most of the period.

Sri Jacob was a perfectionist and the trait reflected in all his works. In the Assembly he did thorough home work before reaching there in the morning and faced volley of questions with perfect answers. He worked hard and made a mark in whatever areas he worked. His untimely death due to a rare Heart ailment creates a void in the political and administrative scene of Kerala and the loss would be felt in the Assembly.

If Jacob had not been in  Politics he would have become a star actor  He had a natural talent for acting and during his college days he had won many prizes. He was also a writer.His book " Ente China Paryadanam " is an excellent introduction about that country.