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Thursday, July 24, 2014

India's stand on the Gaza issue

It is not correct to interpret India’s stand on the Israel-Gaza conflict as a confused one.  On the contrary
the stand taken by India is fair and sensible both at the Parliament and at the U N. In the parliament the B J P took the stand that both Palestine and Israel are India’s friends and it is not proper to discuss an issue pertaining to those countries in the Parliament and adopt a resolution one way or other. Though the matter got discussed in the Parliament no resolution condemning any nation was passed. The external affairs Minister deserve praise for smoothly guiding and culminating the discussion in a harmless way and thus defeating the opposition parties’ intention of exposing Government’s mind in the matter.

In fact, discussing and adopting a resolution in the Parliament against a nation is a serious matter and should be reserved for extreme cases in which the nation that passes the resolution should also be an affected party and I do not know whether any other nation other than India has discussed the Gaza issue in their parliament. India too would not have discussed the internal matter of a couple of nations in the Parliament unless the opposition parties insisted for it and disrupted other proceedings in the Parliament.

At the U.N Human rights Council, in Geneva, India supported the resolution along with BRIC nations of Russia, China Brazil and South Africa. India cannot abstain from voting nor vote against the resolution as it cannot take a sudden different stand in foreign policy without proper reason. India never supported violence in west Asia.

The voting pattern clearly shows the mind of world nations in the matter. The U S is the only nation that voted against the resolution. While the majority of 29 nations supported the resolution to launch a probe in the Israel’s offensive in Gaza 17 European nations abstained from voting. The passage of the resolution clearly reflected the feeling among nations that the Israeli reprisal is disproportionate to the Palestine attack and somehow the war must end soon.
The U S must also be thinking on that line but would not openly agree it.

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