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Thursday, February 16, 2012


The world is deprived of an immensely talented singer by the death of Whitney Houston. She had genuine talent and a unique voice. The general feeling about her is that she squandered away all her gifts.

Whitney Elizabeth Houston was born in Newark, New Jersey in the year 1963. Her mother and Grand mother were Gospel singers and that must be the source of her singing talent. She too started singing in the Church by the age of eleven and also learned to do piano from there. She benefited her relation with the Church choir group in two ways. One: She developed a spiritual base in the mind which helped her at times of distress. Second:. She got a  training in singing from the Church group.

It was late 1970s and young Whitney was about 15 years old,  a shy, quiet girl. with an exceptional voice. Michael Sager, professor of music in the Florida Atlantic University was a friend of Whitney’s family  who noted her unique voice and thought to make an album with her.  Thus it can be said that Sagar was the first man to see her talent. However he could not make the album as Whitney’s mother said that she was too young for that. Whitney turned to modeling and acting until she found her mentor Clive Davis in 1983. The rest is history.

Whitney Houston’s best years ended in middle ninties when her album ‘Body guard’ was released. Since then her married life was not smooth and happy. The case of Whitney was almost akin to Amy Wine house, they both had a disturbed life on account of marriage. Marriage jeopardized their career, health, happiness and finally the life it self.  Whitney was not singing seriously during her final years. Her voice had lost its golden touch by overindulging in drugs and booze. In both cases the troubled marriage was the villain and the booze and drugs were its natural follow ups. Slowly the booze and drugs caught her in their iron grip.

 If Whitney had had a perfect marriage she would have been alive and singing like a skylark.

It appears that the celebrity marriages are hard to balance properly. The seemingly calm and happy surfaces of such married lives have a lot of  hidden ego-clashes and complexes. Whitney, in order to make a respectable looking married life  for the onlookers, spent her entire energy, leaving her too exhausted to turn to music. The emotional conflicts that passed between Whitney and her husband are not possible to know in their details, however, from what are known from the media the life was tragic and painful

The history of human race is dotted with such exceptional persons and their tragic lives. It is as if God demanded a hefty prize for the special gift they were provided with by Him.

On Feb12, 2012, Whitney Houston, recipient of highest number of awards, was found dead in her guest room of Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills, California,  a day before Grammy awards to announce.

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