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Friday, April 27, 2012


  Fabrice Nadala Muamba has been invited to see the F.A.cup final at Wembley for the clash between chelsea and Liverpool and if the invitation is accepted and he goes there it would a memorable reunion for the team and Fabrice. He will get royal reception there with a standing ovation and tears would roll down from all in the stadium. It was such a miraculous and legendary rendezvous he made with death on that ground in front of 35000 people in the stadium.

 Born in  Kinshasa,  Zaire (Congo)  Muamba's  father left the country and sought asylum in U K. He was granted  permission and settled in East London. Muamba was 11 years old then. He  got associated with Arsenal football club in London while studying in school by way of Arsenal club's talent hunt.  Years later he joined Birmingham city and in 2008 Bolton wanderers for 5 Million Pounds with other perks 7,50000. He was chosen as  player of the season in 2010. 

On March 17, 2012 while he was playing F.A.cup quarter-final Match between Bolton and Tottenham Hotspur at white Hart lane he collapsed on the ground clutching his chest. He was not breathing. The team Doctor and a cardiac surgeon who was watching play worked together hard to resurrect him but to no avail. They attempted for about 6 minutes before he was taken to the specialist coronary care unit at London chest Hospital. The attempts to revive him were going on during the journey to the Hospital and in the hospital. But he lay breathless with no heart beat. The commendable thing was that the Doctors never gave up. If he was admitted to a sub-urban Hospital with a Doctor in a hurry to leave, he would not be alive now. The Doctors in the London Chest Hospital continued attempts on him thru defebrillator shocks.

  In the words of Muamba as he told to‘Telegraph :
” What happened was more than a miracle. I am walking proof of the power of Prayer. For 78 minutes I was dead and even if I lived I was expected to have suffered brain damage.”   He said he felt something seriously wrong with him while playing and began to see double. He remembered nothing after he fell on the ground. Muamba  paid rich tributes to Dr Andrew Deaner, the consultant Cardiologist.

The Doctors found success in reviving him after 78 minutes, but they had little hope to bring him back to his old health and self. But the miracle was not to stop with his surfacing from coma (?) the Providence was with him all the while  and now he has recovered almost fully, notably without any brain damage. The Hospital staff simply watched the miracle of his revival and recovery in awe. When Mother Nature interferes, Medical science gives way for her.

Now Muamba is living  in East London with his fiancĂ©e Shauna Magunda and their child.  Shauna is all happy that she got him all for herself now with no soccer engagements for the time being. She said that she would even enjoy household chores as Muamba is there to help her in it. The ‘Daily Star’ quoted her as saying that “happiness is enjoying all the big and small things you once took for granted, like a cuddle, or laughter or even doing the dishes”.

How Muamba came out healthy after being  clinically ' dead' for 78 minutes is a question medical reserchers should take up for thorough examination. Ordinarily Heart patients are abandoned as dead after 5 to 20 minutes' efforts for revival in ordinary Hospitals and it was lucky Muamba was admitted to a reputed hospital. On the clinical point of view, Muamba's revival after 78 minutes raises a lot of questions on issues like the maximum time the brain can withstand without oxygen and the whole concept of clinical death and actual death etc etc

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