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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


IT was indeed a long way for Ivian Lunasol Sarcos colmenares, (21) from the nunnery in San Carlos city to the Earl's Court, London and win the Miss world title in a glittering ceremony on Sunday beating 122 contestants. Ivian Sarcos, wearing a pink dress with studs and cascades of frills below the waist, threw her hands to her face and sobbed in ecstasy when the result was announced.

 "  I felt the most gorgeous woman in the world. I was so happy and I wanted to shout, to cry, to stand still and to smile so many emotions.  I am incredibly happy for this moment, for this opportunity and for winning and I am grateful with my life " she said graphically later

The last year's Miss World winner, Alexandria Mills of  the U.S.took her sparkling Crown and placed it on her successor's head as Sarcos sat in her silver throne. The first runner up was Gwendoline Ruais, Miss Philippines while Amanda Perez, Miss Puerto Rico was the 2nd.This was 60th year of the beauty pageant and to celebrate the diamond anniversary,  the pageant was held in London  where it first started  in 1951 on the south bank of  the River Thames under the auspices of   'Festival of Britain'.

 The Miss world Chairman and chief executive, Julia Morley,  praised Miss Sarcos as she thought that Sarcos would prove to be a popular winner. ' she is very nice person. There are lots of girls that look beautiful, but she is very very interesting girl too ' And coming as it from the top organizer of the pageant, there is no reason not to believe it.

Miss Sarcos  is one of 13 siblings and at the age of eight her mother died in a domestic accident  and her father too died in a car accident and having become an orphan she was enrolled in  a Boarding school run by the Congregation of sisters in San Carlos city by her brother. Living with nuns she wanted to become a nun. But later after earning a degree in Human resources and a job in a Broadcasting company she turned her mind to beauty contests. She  said that the experiences of childhood had made her strong and taught her  that a bad beginning need not necessarily end up in bad.

 Miss Sarcos speaks Spanish and her future desire is to engage in social work and help poor children. She likes hard sports like mountaineering, trekking  and volleyball. Her choice book is the best seller,self-help book 'The secret ' which she says helped her to be in tune with life-goals.

It appears that the feminist groups in London are still not comfortable with the pageant  for, they were protesting outside the Earl's court while the pageant was taking place.  But the beauty contests, over the years have improved much and now it is not simply a Bikini Parade. The judges  evaluate the whole personality including intelligence and as such a winner has got really something to be proud of and to look forward. The feminists ought to think again.

Image courtesy :  Google Images