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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


The Union coal Minister, Sri Sriprakash Jaiswal, was attending a poets' conference in Kanpur when the news of India's victory against Pakistan trickled in to there. Mr. Jaiswal must be an ardent cricket lover or the audience' reaction to the victory made him excited  whatever the reason he blurted out some words in Hind which was to make him a subject of discussion all over India.

 He said  " new victory and new wedding, both of them have their own importance. As time pass, the victory will become old. As time passes wife also becomes old,  the charm does not sustain"

The remarks produced angry reaction from the women's organisations and political circles. Even his own party men  distanced from him. Jaiswal said that he was quoted out of context. Though he apologized,  the matter has not ended there, as some one filed a petition in a  Kanpur court.

The excitement of a victory will of course fade in course of time. It needed no comparison and if  he wanted something to compare with ( after all it was a poets' conference )  there were innumerable things in the world to compare other than the one he made. He indeed touched a raw nerve there.

  A Union Minister is not expected to talk loosely. If the same comment was made by a comedian in a film,  people will laugh it off  and think nothing of it. I heard  recently a comedian on a stage show comparing wives with cell phones. He said that whenever a man was in possession of either one, he would begin fancying for another model. Though an outrageous comment, Half of the audience who were women joined in the laughter that followed. It is the privilege of a comedian as his standard of propriety is flexible and he might get away with such remarks.  But  a Minister has to keep his decorum and if he comments loosely, he is answerable  for it.

The coal Ministry is now passing under a cloud, it seems a little shadow of it also fell on the Minister.

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