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Tuesday, May 7, 2013


It is a great relief for the Government of India that the Chinese troops have finally pulled out from
 Indian Territory on the Despang plains in the Eastern Ladhak for which the Governments of both India and China deserve congratulation for their restraint and right diplomacy.

The opposition parties in India blamed the Government for its inept vigil in the border areas,   the press shouted foul about it and the general public was uneasy. The left parties remained mum as before. Some columnists giving a subdued support to China said that the boundary was still not clear and mutually agreed

In the past nations freely engaged in war upon aggressions or on  other silly issues. But the times have changed and no nation can engage in a war without jeopardizing its own welfare. In a Press conference speaking about the troop pullout, the Chinese spokeswoman used the word ‘for bilateral interest’ which means that China is also aware of the dangers of a war. It is a good sign as far as India-China engagement is concerned.

The incursion, however, had left India in a splendid isolation. It was a classic  dilemma for India for, it is embarrassing to shut eyes against a flagrant incursion of Kilometres into Indian Territory by China when China already occupies 38000 Kilometres of Indian land and bilateral talks are nowhere near a solution, whereas if the Indian soldiers were asked to chase the Chinese troops out, knowing China’s aggressive nature, there is no guarantee that it would not develop into a war and a war with the China is the last thing India wants. The only option before India was to seek a diplomatic solution.

 If China attacks India as in 1962 no other nation is going to speak against it, let alone help, if help needed, for, we have seen how world Governments keep a deafening silence over china’s brute dealings against Tibetan people. Unlike in the past, nations are more selfish now, like individuals.Besides no nation likes to stand against China by various reasons.

As for the possibility of China opting a war, it is not 1962 and China knows it. A war will deplete a nation’s economy more than any calamity to it and neither China nor India can politically or economically afford it. Then why did China enter Indian Territory? It is still not clear. If it is a test dose what China was testing?

The incursion was timed at the most
inappropriate time for China to make it since its new Prime Minister, Li Kegiang, is going to visit India this month-end and it is his first overseas visit.  China is not that dumb to be ignorant of the diplomatic embarrassment of visiting India while the incursion is on.

The interesting thing is that China did not see any inconvenience in it and did not pull out troops until the Indian Government took initiative and put pressure on China to maintain status quo.

Any way China appeared to be determined to do what they wanted at the border and was unconcerned
of  the goodwill visit of its P M  to India. The events,however, point to the necessity of settling border issues with China and Pakistan urgently.

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