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Friday, January 23, 2009


IT appears that there are a chain of shadowy detention camps situated in various countries where even the basic human rights are denied to the prisoners. The torture is on a daily basis. As these prisons are situated in separate islands or very secluded places no one visits them nor anyone is aware of what are all taking place in side the stonewalls.  Presently terror suspects are brought in there. The suspects include often innocent ones also. It takes a long wait and torture for them to finally convince the authorities their innocence and even then as their native countries are not usually enthusiastic to take such persons back, they would remain in the prison indefinitely.

There are several such’advanced’detention camps, the Abu Ghraib in Iraq, the military prison in Afghanistan and the Guantanamo detention camp at Guantanamo bay, Cuba are some of them. It is better not to go into what are all happening inside such prisons. In fact few facts come out from there.

The Guantanamo detention camp came in to the news for now since President Obama took charge. The first Presidential order was directed at curtailing the activity in the Guantanamo prison.” "The America is not for torturing, so we are going to close down the Guantanamo”said Obama. It seems that he was touched by the inhuman treatment meted out on the prisoners there.