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Thursday, May 21, 2009


VELUPILLA  PRABHAKARAN  is dead;   long live Prabhakaran.

True,  Prabhakaran will live long in the minds of Tamils in Sri lanka and also in the minds of Sinhalese people though in a different way.

The hope and trust reposed on Prabhakaran by the Tamil  people in Sri Lanka  was actually misplaced, because  Prabhakaran was basically  an autocrat. Even if the Tamil Elam was made possible by him, the Tamils would have suffered under him. In fact the Tamils in Lanka are a poor lot standing between a rock and a hard place. On one side is the Sri Lankan Govt and on the other the LTTE which, over the years has undergone changes from a dependable organisation for Tamils in Lanka to a corporate outfit with business ventures all over the world including drug trafficking, quotation killing  etc with an annual turn over of hundreds of million dollars.The changes have also taken place in their character and approach on  matters related to ordinary Tamils. Remember the LTTE was using the ordinary poor Tamils ( including women and children) as human shield against the bullets. However, the Tamils have no go but to depend on them. The Tamils working in various countries ( two third Lankan Tamils are abroad ) donate money for the welfare of Tamils in Lanka thru LTTE.

Such an outfit would not ordinarily disappear from the world just by the death of Prabhakaran. Any way the LTTE would not be able to work in that name in Lanka any more or for that matter nowhere else.In the circumstance either the organisation would collapse completely with individuals disappearing from it with funds.Or it would work as an underground organisation elsewhere or would remain in Lanka itself under different colour. It can not be predicted now as to which way it would go from now on.

To the credit of Prabhakaran it should be remembered that he remained with the Tamils in Lanka until final days of war and death. With the resources in his command he could have escaped from there to some exotic place. He did not do that. He glorified his life in his death.

I am sure many a Tamil home in Lanka is going to adorn the picture of Prabhakaran for generations.

On the part of the Lankan Government, killing Prabhakaran alone does not make things safe for the country.In the first place,it has to change its mindset and try to consider the Tamils as Sri Lankan citizens deserving all benefits entitled to other sections of people in the country. Presently the northern Lanka is in  shambles and a massive reconstruction work is necessary to properly rehabilitate the Tamils there.With sincere efforts, the trust and confidence of the Tamils can be gained.The president should take up his rare spirit and single minded pursuit he took up for winning the war,  again, now for winning the minds of Tamils, in order to gain lasting peace in Lanka. If not, soon a Prabhakaran may reincarnate from among the Tamils and it will be another spell of war and sleepless nights for that island nation.

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