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Monday, September 12, 2011


 IN a recent survey conducted by Reuters/psos  the 'Golden Girl' Betty white (89) came first on receiving 86% votes to make her the most popular and most trusted person in the U.S.A. It is no mean achievement when the long list of celebrities  stood below her is considered  like Clint Eastwood, Sandra Bullock, Denzel Washington Kate Middleton. Etc. Besides, more than half of the persons who were questioned  said that they would buy a product if Betty White endorsed it donning her  the most trusted person in the nation. The survey was to find out who, among the celebrities, was the most trusted one by the public  It is very rare for an octogenarian to receive such  love and trust from the people, especially for one in the show business as one rarely stands in show business at 88.

The general public has only a short memory and if a personality stays away from the stage for so long people would ignore the person.. In the case of Betty, she is a household name and her disarmingly innocent face and smile are familiar in all drawing rooms as she appeared in one T.V. program or other since her sweet seventeen. The success lays in the fact that she could enthuse people with her unjaded performance throughout her career The audience instead of growing tired of her incessant presence  grew more fond of her

A person who is capable of joking and showing such a zest for life like Betty is admired and liked by one and all. And it is part of her inborn traits which she said she got from her mother. I think the love and popularity she enjoys from the people comes from several factors like the fond motherly look of her face,  her convincing jokes ( such as her famous remark about  face book as ' a huge waste of time ) her  interest in animal welfare which shows that she has a caring mind and lastly her almost uninterrupted presence in the media. and above all, there is a mysterious  factor, a chemistry  that makes one successful and acceptable and Betty is blessed with it.

   Betty once said that she considered herself lucky in being able to spend her life on two most liked things, the show business and animal welfare.  Perhaps it is her sense of fulfillment  in life that  helps her bring out the best in her for the audience and the vice versa.