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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


   THE  Prostitutes of Colombia have united and come out in the open in popular tourist centers against using children for prostitution.  It all explains in the words of one prostitute who was in the agitation:

" I was a prostitute before I was even a woman. I began when I was 10-years old and I have experienced things you cannot imagine. I know I cannot erase my past, but I can help stop other children from going through the same experience." said the prostitute named Damaris.

In a few apt words she has explained the horrors of child prostitution. Although it is universal,  for some reason the women prostitutes in Colombia felt strongly against it. Because of the taboos related to prostitution and the horrible way of their daily life, people generally do not think  much about them as beings with the same emotions and aspirations as others. One other misconception is that the prostitutes have high sexual appetite In most cases they are either compelled to be in the business out of poverty or forced  by some quirk of fate, but someone choosing the trade for sheer  pleasure are rare indeed. The sexual appetite never comes in the picture actually. They are called as sex workers, and that explains it,; one never mixes business with  pleasure.  They work for a living as the circumstance in Colombia forced  them to choose a way for living.

 Colombia underwent various wars and insurgency  and the rural population were forced to flee from their homes to aimless destinations. Almost two Million rural population have been displaced due to insurgency. Many of them went to the cities and found prostitution convenient for a living.  The children among the lot were also forced in to the business by their own elders. The child prostitutes are estimated  to be about 35000.  The elders  force the children to be in the business as their  retirement plan.

As a result of Globalization tourism has grown to the status of an industry and prostitution also progressed and spread in tune with tourism.The tourists look for countries of minimal restrictions especially in sex. One reason for the flow of tourists to Colombia, despite war and insurgency, is indeed its prostitutes. In Colombia prostitution and brothel ownership are  legal. though  sex tourism and pimping are illegal.  The cities  like Bogota,  Medellin, Santa Marta and Andres entertain the tourists.

  The street hookers, Brothels, Discos, Strip clubs,  bars, Massage parlors, escort services and the girls met coincidentally are all avenues for the tourists. There are umpteen number of massage parlors and brothels and tourists get what they want from them notwithstanding whether sex-tourism is legal or not.

Although I dwelt at length on Colombia,  the child prostitution is not Colombia's monopoly. It is a universal  thing of evil and only the percentage differs. If in one country it is 60 percent of the total prostitutes , it is 30 percent in another country.The world  average might be around 30 percent. It is an horrible scenario  if you convert the percentage in to numbers of children engaged in the business.

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