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Saturday, August 11, 2012


The recent cold-blooded shootings at Sikh worshippers in a Gurudwara  at Wisconsin, the one at Colorado  in a Cinema theater by a student and  many other similar incidents earlier leaves one exasperated as to why the U.S. Government is unable to do as simple a thing as promulgating some law to control over the use of  Gun by the mad men and miscreants . It is really disturbing to read such news from time to time

Except, perhaps, for Sweden no country in the world allows as much unbridled use of Guns as is in the U.S. Even the primary class children kill their class mates with guns taken from their homes. If one chooses to kill himself at the end of the shooting a mad man can kill as many persons as he wishes   and get away in to limbo.  It can also be termed as a terrorist activity and while America is fighting against terrorism far and wide why it is unable to make its own house in order?

The law permitting citizens to easily possess Guns is as old as America itself when violence was rampant during the independent days. The second Amendment which gives right to possess  arms  meant only for self defence within one’s home and a shooting spree was not in the reckon of things while writing the law and if something of that sort had taken place then, the law makers would have had thought again.

Generally the citizens of U.S abhor the word control and they are not willing to part with any freedom they enjoy for any cause including their own safety. Consequently, the issue of Gun control has now gone out of hand for any political party to take an initiative in the matter without jeopardizing itself in the process.  The Americans are deeply divided over the issue with a section of the population arguing for control and an equal  number against any curb cutting across party affiliations and in such a scenario political parties would not intervene in the matter though they might be disturbed and concerned over the killings.

 In U.S. the Guns also play a major part as a primary method to commit suicide and in the absence of its easy availability there is a reasonably good chance to come down the suicide rate. Now more than 30,000 people die by committing suicide using Guns which is about the equal number of persons die in road accidents.

All said, the Gun culture is not confined to America alone. It is actually spreading all over the world along with crime rate. It is officially estimated that there are more than 700 Million Guns in circulation all over the world. But actually the number would be many times more. Ever since the advent of Bombs and suicide bombers the Guns are not getting proper press and public attention except when a shooting spree  occur as happened  in Wisconsin now  though death by Guns  may  outnumber any lethal device.

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