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Sunday, May 6, 2012

U.S.A : The unbridled security personnels

The twelve secret service men and 11 military security who were chosen to send prior to the visit of President Obama to set up security in Cartagena, Colombia for the trade summit must have felt very happy in visiting a place where prostitution is legal and  is simply for the asking. Obviously they decided to make full use of this opportunity as soon as they settled in their hotel.

If one of the members in the Secret service had not been reluctant to part with the promised money to the call girl and indulged in bargaining with  her on the hotel corridor the next day morning (named Suarez) the incident would not have known to the outside world. She said that she had been promised to give 500 dollars and gave her only 20 dollars. When she had brought a Police man after showering abuses on the Service personnel, she said, she was paid 250 dollars. The whole scuffle drew public attention.

The embarrassment to the office of the President apart, it also raises serious security questions. Miss Suarez had reportedly said that she could have easily stolen papers or anything from him during the night adding that he was such a fool. A man spending a night with a woman is not such a big deal, but a bunch of secret service men while on important duty to mingle and brag with call girls is a serious matter violating the dignity and security of the office they represent. In most cases such persons are untrustworthy and the perils of engaging such persons for high profile security works are really mind boggling.

The U.S. Congressmen have questioned rightly the security of the President among such men and a team of investigators are in Colombia doing a thorough inquiry in to the whole incident including if there are any terrorist angle to the incident.

 The inquiry must begin from the recruitment process of security personnel itself. The process seems to have lost its vigilance and thoroughness  ever since the cold war era has ended, otherwise such unscrupulous persons would not have come in the force.

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