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Thursday, August 4, 2011


 Amy Jade Winehouse, noted English singer and song writer died on the afternoon of 23rd, July,2011 in her London home. She went to her bedroom saying she wanted to sleep and later found dead on her bed  The cause of death  is undetermined. She was happy and exuberant the previous day singing and talking late in to the night.with her boy friend, Reg Traviss and no one thought that death was so near for her.

(.Incidently, Amy died at the age of 27 which makes her as another entrant in to the Club 27 comprising singers who died at their 27th age. The number of such people are astonishingly large which include Jim Morrison and Brian Jones.)

Amy, an ordinary girl born to Mitchell Winehouse, a Jazz singing, Taxi driver in London was initiated  in to the world of music by her father himself when it was found that she showed extra ordinary interest at singing.  It  was her 2nd nature to sing Jazz while sitting or walking  prompting her teachers to reprimand her to pipe down.

She had unmistakable talent and she got a scholarship to study music in Sylvia Young music school. As Amy herself by nature had feelings in its extreme level she delivered music with full emotions which directly went in to the listeners' heart. Her first Album ‘Frank ' was released in 2003 and earned good reviews. Amy became a fairly known singer.

I think the name of her debut Album,’ Back to Black’ got somewhat jinxed as it turned out to be a pointer to her future course of life. The Album too was said to have been born out of an intense feeling of dejection involving Blake Fielder-Civil, her boy friend. Any way it was a runaway success and she was catapulted to stardom when she got a record 5 Grammy awards for it making her the first English woman to get 5 Grammy. She was just 24 years old then, a heady success at such a young age.
Amy met Blake Fielder-Civil, a video assistant, in a Camden pub. He was a grammar school drop out with aspirations for a music career. It was a big turning point in Amy's life. The chemistry of their mind jelled inexorably together and she fell madly in love with him. They got married in 2007

There is a feeling among Amy's fans that had Amy not met Blake she would have been alive now. I think there is some truth in it. Blake was a 1st class drug and alcohol addict.  He did two things to make Amy a total wreck. One: He introduced her to hard drugs.  Two: The life of Amy with him made her seek shelter  in drugs. She was unable to leave him. Nor was it possible to live with him either without being drunk or drugged. The fact was Blake always set ablaze her natural intensity of feelings by word and deed.  For example, when Blake met Amy he had another girl friend and if Amy knew Blake went near her, Amy would go out of mind with rage which usually culminated in drinking uncontrollably. The life with Blake totally destroyed her both mentally and physically.

Amy had genuine desire to get out of the mess and lead a normal life. But she somehow could not escape from the emotional trap. Though Amy divorced Blake in 2009, it is doubtful whether she was ever free from her infatuation for Blake even when she had other men in life. She was unable to forget him nor to lead a normal drug-free life with Blake or with others..

Poor Amy, it was the law of 'Karma'  which was hunting her down.