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Monday, June 10, 2013


 AS expected, Narendra Mody has been chosen to lead the elections campaigns of B J P   for the
Assembly and Parliament elections in the National executive Meeting in Goa, despite Sri L K Advani and a few top brass  stood against the decision. In other words, the B J P  has entrusted Sri Mody the duty of making the party win the coming Assembly and Parliament elections and weighed in that way, it is a  big and risky responsibility for Mody since a lot of prestige hangs on his success or failure of the mission.

Queerly, it is the 2nd time that Goa becomes venue for another important decision on Sri Mody’s political life and in both cases Sri Advaniji had played a role. In the National executive Meeting held at Goa after the 2002 Gujarat riots Prime Minister Vajpai wanted to remove Mody from the post as the negative sentiments was so strong against him.  At that time, it was Advaniji who intervened and requested Vajpai to give him another chance. Vajpaiji relented and Mody continued at Gujarat. If Advani had not supported Mody then, his political life would have ended there and then at Goa. Now, after eleven years Advani takes a different stand on Mody.

Notably, it was when Sri Mody was down and weak that Advaniji supported him and now when Mody got strengthened with hard work  Advaniji does not support him, maybe he thought that Mody would get too big to put him under his wing. However, there are many people who think that Advani should not have stood against Sri Mody taking into account of the mood of the party men and the writings on the wall.

 The world undergoes change every minute and at 85 he would have been better off letting things take its own course. After the Vajpai era he had two Lok Sabha chances to win and undoubtedly  to become the P M. He could not make it. Now when a man comes up with sterling election performance and matching administrative skill, willing to lead the party to victory, silence was Gold for Advani unless he could support it.

Anyway, the 2nd decision at Goa for Mody is not as cosy as the first one. Though Mody is an uncrowned king at Gujarat, his acceptability beyond its borders has not been proved yet. To cite an example if Sri Mody stands for election in Kerala his chances of winning are remote because of various socio-political undercurrents. Similarly Mody’s campaigning in Karnataka did have little influence in the recent election results there.  Perhaps he can exert more influence on voters in the North, yet it is a huge risk that Mody has taken upon himself and in that sense Advaniji might be actually helping him when he objected to his election as chief campaigner.

On the part of Sri Mody, he thinks he has spare energy and wants to test his luck beyond Gujarat for which the present assignment is best suited. If B J P gets as many as 200 seats or nearby it, it can form a Government at the centre with the help of other supporting parties. In that scenario no one can ignore Sri Mody for the post of Prime Minister.

Easier said, the road is rough and full of pitfalls, Sri Mody will have to invent suitable strategies to  surmount them  in order to win and prove himself right.

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Sunday, December 23, 2012


The resounding victory of Narendra Damodar Das Mody, Chief Minister of Gujarat was not unexpected by all people including the opposition Congress Party. The Congress Party finds consolation in saying that the State is highly polarized and voting pattern is hard to change in the State in the foreseeable future. The fact is that there is nothing much to polarize.  The Muslims comprise below 10% of the population only and a large chunk of them also voted for Narendra Mody, if reports from there can be believed.

The attack on Sabarmati Express on  February 27, 2002 changed both Mody and Gujarat. The resultant riots were actually a knee-jerk reaction on the death of ‘Karsevaks’ travelling in the train.  The riots were not a  premeditated one and when it crossed a line of restraint it became uncontrollable like all riots. The same thing happened in New Delhi after the death of Indira Gandhi against the Sikh Community.  The charge against Narendra Mody is that he did not try douse the riot immediately. Any way there are no clinching evidence either ways and all finer details remain drowned in the sound and fury of riot.

However, Narendra Mody ignored questions and accusations thrown at him and he concentrated on governance. By nature Mody is an introvert and as such it was not difficult for him to give all his time and energy to the progress of the State unmindful of everything else including petty politics.

 Narendra Mody was born in Vadnagar, Gujarat, on  September 17 th 1950 as middle sibling of nine in a Grocers’ family. He is a victim of child marriage and as he grew up he concentrated on other interests and did not pursue the relationship and remains single. Early in his life he longed  a Sanyasin’s life and wandered about in various places including Himalayas with Yogis there. The Karma, however, called him back and then we see him as a tea vendor in the Transport Stand of Ahemedabad city.  He continued his studies, simultaneously working for R S S. He has a master’s degree in Political science. The joining of R S S brought him in to politics and after the Gujarat Earth quake in to Gujarat politics. Now he is the Chief Minister for the 3rd time, all with resounding majority.

Narendra Mody could usher progress and prosperity to the State and made Gujarat as the most advanced State in India. More than that he could make the people aware of the importance of development and now everyone from the Chief Minister downwards are more concerned of the developmental aspects of the State than the day-to-day politics. Mody could change the game and the mindset. No riots have taken place since 2002. The communities live in peace.

There is talk of choosing Mody as the Prime Ministerial Candidate for the next election. But in the era of coalition politics nothing is certain including his success in such a top post.

There is some truth in what Markandy Katju, eminemt Judge and Chairman of the Press council of India, said. He said that before independence the British Government and post independence the politicians in India took care to divide the Hindu and Muslim communities in order to rule the country with vote banks. Though Justice Katju did not blame media, the Newspapers are also in the game. It is hard to hear a speech by a politician or read an article in Newspapers espousing the virtues of Hindu-Muslim amity.

Since the strengthening of regional parties in India coalition management and vote bank preservation has become the order of the day and no freedom from it is visible.