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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


NICOLAS  Sarkozy,French president, met Carla Bruni at a dinner party in 2007 and soon established a relationship which culminated in marriage  in February this year. Their relation ship was a big news for all

Carla Brunei before marriage was a model, an high paid model at that. In the nineties she was one among the best 20 models in the business and was earning an annual income of about 8 million Dollars and during the period she had worked with the best designers and fashion houses in the world. In 1997 she left the world of fashion for composing and singing where also she made a mark and when the French president met her she was a renowned singer and composer.

Personally she has no pretenses of modesty and she would speak out what she feels. For example her comment on marriage: 'Bored with monogamy; love lasts long time but burning desire..two to three weeks". Indeed a bombshell in the family oriented society. At the time of modeling she naturally had posed for many nude photos and also had a number of meaningful relationships.

 Carla Brunei is thus a women with a past and some ghosts from her past appear at times  making  headlines in the Newspapers and headaches to the President. A similar  ghost has now appeared.

A cloth design company named Pardon had recently produced 10,000 carry bags with a nude photo of Ms Carlo Brunei staring the camera with her two palms covering her modesty.  Indeed an outrageous photo of the first lady of France to carry around in Paris. This photo was taken in 1993 with the aim of using it for advertisements against AIDS.  The company, Pardon used the photo without the consent of neither the first lady nor of the photographer. This is indeed a crime and now legal notice has been served on the company which in turn has destroyed all the bags. The case is still on.

The reports say that President Sarkozy has used the civil courts more than any other presidents in order to save his family dignity.

Now : Sarkozy had to resign following defeat in election and he is leading a retired life. He is also under investigation in an election funding case.

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