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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Mr. Hugh Hefner,Play Boy Magazine tycoon,(85) had proposed to  Crystal Harris (25), a Play mate in his Magazine, in last year. The marriage was to take place on the 19th this month and invitations to 300 guests were sent.

. But, for better or worse the Bride, Crystal Harris walked out on him  just  four days before the wedding to take place and the marriage was called off.

Hefner said that they had a nasty Phone conversation and in the end she moved out.

They have been together for an year or so, as such they must have got time to understand each other. Yet it did not survive the storm. It is not known what transpired between them in the fateful Phone talk.

However, he was consoled by his previous wife Ms Kimberley Conrad and other friends and he said later that he felt better. It would have been his third marriage if it had taken place.

On the part of Crystal, it appears that she was really in love with him,  for she said " I am no gold digger. I love him and I would willingly sign a pre-nuptial agreement." She also said: " Hugh does not throw money at me at all and I don't ask  I get paid for my music work and modelling"

Crystal, a one time Psychology student is staying in San Diego.

Marriages with such huge age difference seems to be  not all that rare in the U.S. Here,in India such marriages are few and far between if at all take place.I think the question of age might crop up later in such  marriages in arguments or in casual talk and it is not easy to counter it lightly. In this case age does not seem to be the reason for calling off the marriage.

As for Hugh and Crystal,  they can wrap up the incident on thinking,  that together they chased a dream and it faded away on awakening.