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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


That a book is about to be published written by Edward  klein terming  President Obama as amateurish and detailing many anecdotes to prove his point must be very convenient for his rivals in the election year and quite the opposite for Mr. Obama.  The extracts from the book have been appeared in the newspapers. The author spares nothing in his search to prove his argument, big or small, personal or official making the book meaty.        

 Ed Klein says in the book that former President Bill Clinton who is campaigning for Obama now, called Obama as amateur and urged Hillary to leave her job and contest in the election against Obama. Though Clinton’s spokesman stoutly denied this and called Klein as a ‘known liar’ the name of the book is said to have arrived at the alleged remark of Clinton. 

Similarly, Caroline Kennedy (John Kennedy’s daughter) who supported Obama during the campaign of first Presidency is alleged to have remarked Obama as a liar.  In fact Klein leaves no celebrity who says ill of Obama from quoting and one reading the book might get confused as to who is telling the truth.

 There is no doubt that the book will be a huge success amongst the American public as they would welcome a chance to hear some gossips about the President.

The President of the U.S.cannot avoid controversies and without going into a detailed analysis it can be said that Obama did his best to steer the nation safely and smoothly.  Not long after he took office,  the recession gripped the world including U.S. He did not ask Americans to tighten their belts to face  it, as is done in Europe. Obama’s rescue plan of creating jobs and generating spending money for the people by pumping money in to infra-structure development, in fact, saved the day though the economy is still under recovery. The economic woes of the nation were not caused by him. He inherited them from his predecessors. Obama did his best to manage a worst situation and also could bring more awareness about economic aspects of the nation among the general public. The circumstances that led to enhance the borrowing limit of the nation too had helped as a wake-up call to check economy more often than not.

  Obama also inherited  a couple of wars of which he got the nation out of Iraq war  while the American presence in Afghanistan is still there and Obama will come out of it too though absolute success cannot be expected from there.  However with the presence of American soldiers in Afghanistan, Osama Bin Laden could be captured and killed.  President Obama, thus, restored the honor of the country and at that time the whole nation gave a standing ovation for Obama. He also could disband the Al-quaida outfit in the region.

 To his credit, Obama did not attempt a war with Iran in spite of provocations from Ahmadinejad nor got entangled with the Arab spring.  The Israel-Palestine issues are not flaring up as frequently as used to be in the past.

 Similarly the frustrating relations with Pakistan did not allow to go out of hand without a space for reconciliation despite Pakistan’s dual role  in hunting with the Americans and running with the terrorists in the matter of joint action against terrorists. Pakistan was also careful not to decimate a long relation with precipitous words or actions.

In the domestic front he could bring a comprehensive health-care program which his predecessors could not achieve and despite its alleged shortcomings a beginning could be made

An ordinary American can find fault with the President in umpteen issues  and most of them would be solved automatically in due course or can be solved with discussions whereas the world looks upon a Head of a nation as to whether he is doing the right things without committing incorrigible blunders. Obama has steered clear of serious blunders and is smoothly running affairs. I am not contradicting the book, it is just another view from a distance. Ed Klein views things from close up and he has every right to say what he thinks.

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