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Sunday, February 8, 2009


In Victoria,Australia,a bush fire is raging across the state. Already the fire has covered Lakhs of hectors of both forest and mainland area.The fire is burning intermittently from about thirty places.Hundreds of houses have been burned down as also loss of about 80 human life.This Victoria bush fire is said to be one of the worst in the history of Australia.

Australia is generally prone to fires while the climate is hot especially during the summer.In fact at one place or other a bush fire ( of small intensity) is commonplace in Australia and only when a fire crosses the average limit, it is reported widely or known outside

Unlike grass fire the bush fires move slowly but its capacity to destroy things on the way is far greater.

The king lake area,  north of Melbourne, is the worst hit.The people hit by the fire are housed in emergency relief centers.They come in buses with only their clothes on as all of their other possessions including home lost in the fire.It seems the fire is travelling swiftly there. (with aid from slow wind) An school teacher who came out of his house for a stroll found some smoke here and there and not caring, strolled on.But by the time he got back, in ten minutes time, the street was pitch dark with smoke and in another five minutes his house was on fire.The fire is moving on with such speed and intensity. The routine procedure before the fire is, first the electricity fails and it becomes pitch dark due to smoke and by the time one thinks what to do or where to turn for help the house is caught fire.There is no time to take the belongings or take the kith and kin along the way in to the street.The lucky will survive.

More than 4000 fire fighters are working day and night with helps from other states and the end is not visible yet.  It is one thing to read a story of disaster and quite another thing to lose everything  absurdly on a fire.

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