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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


The Media is awaiting news from Swiss that the Higgs Boson ( God Particle) and the existence of Higgs field have been finally found. It is going to be a legendary discovery occurring once in a long while considering the exhaustive search and the enormous funding involved.

The search for the sub Atomic particles began since the discovery of Atom by the English chemist and mathematician, John Dalton in 1803. The science is yet to make conclusively a ‘standard model’ of an Atom even after more than a couple of centuries and with the finding of Higgs Boson all pieces might  fall in place.

After the discovery of Atom scientists turned to subatomic particles and nearly a century later the first particle, electron was discovered in 1897 by J J Thomson and since then several particles were discovered in quick succession. At the end of the process an important ingredient, Mass, to make the physical world visible was absent  in all the sub-atomic particles discovered.  In other words  all particles discovered had no Mass and they got it from somewhere else  to create this visible universe including ourselves.

  The Higgs Bosons, the elusive particle now searching, are a set of particles in the sub atomic family. But their physical presence could not  be verified as they decay as soon as  they are formed in nature. It is presumed that there exists a Higgs field covering the entire space from which all things  accrue Mass.The Universe with its endless galaxies,  infinite space and  all things including Time took form from  the Higgs Boson field which  amounted to virtual creation  and that was why no one objected to  Leon Lederman when he named it as “God-particle. (It is said that initially he had named it as  'goddamn' particle exasperated of its elusiveness) Leon Lederman is called as modern day Da Vinci considering his contribution to science.

 The scientists are to announce the result of the experiments so far done in a couple of days.  If Higgs boson  is proved to be in existence it is an achievement for the entire team of scientists and other technicians who worked at the Large Hydrone Collider. If, on the other hand, scientists do not find the elusive particle , they have to begin the search all over again.

The ultimate aim of scientists is to work out a Theory of Everything (T O E) a theory which can bind all four fundamental forces while unifying the theory of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. Now both theories are though classic differ in practical applications. Actually a journey in to the secrets of nature.

Whenever major breakthrough occurs in science the first casualty is the concept of God and religion and some have already sounded that God have no relevance once the God particle is discovered.  The concept of an almighty came from the helplessness of existence and the complexity of the Universe. It remains unchanged with or without the discovery of Higgs Bosons.  The science is actually unraveling the marvelous work of God.

5,7.12:  The scientists have announced that they have discovered a new particle which they believe as Higgs Boson and further experiments are necessary to establish the fact once and for all. In other words the science is no near to a conclusive proof. The science would require  to find out new technologies to experiment with a particle that exists only a fracture of a second. It may take a long time both to find out such technology and experiment with Higgs Boson..

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