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Saturday, October 18, 2008


How could an unknown girl in a remote village in Kerala, India could become a revered saint in just 36 years of her life on earth ?

She did not ( or could not) do great services to the society, was not a scholar nor significant in any other field except in the sphere of faith, that was sister Alphonsa who was canonized on oct.12fth, 2008 as Saint Alphonsa of the immaculate conception, of the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church.

She was born in a poor family in Kudamalur, near Kottayam in Kerala State. Alphonsa or Annakutty as she was popularly called, began her life of sacrifice and suffering very early. Her mother died while she was a child and she was under care of a stepmother who was not kind to her. She was a frail child and suffered from various ailments. But the positive side was her deep belief in God quite unusual for a child of her age.

She would have had lead a normal married life as any other girl, had she not been that averse to such a course of life.  She desired a pious Christian life.  When her marriage was about to be settled against her wishes,  she jumped in a pit filled with hot ash from the kitchen to inflict wounds on the body and thus escape from marriage. She burnt her legs badly which put her in bed for a long time and later knowing her real intention, she was admitted in a convent.

Even after joining convent  one ailment or other followed her always. She was bedridden frequently with great pain and suffering. But all the time she kept her poise, smile and faith intact. She even consoled her fellow sufferers  even while she herself was in great pain.

That made her apart from others. Her faith and willpower to tolerate suffering with unwavering belief in God attracted people from far and wide. She died at the age of 35 in July 1946. Stories of Godly intervention were reported from various people who prayed Alphonsa and Sainthood  was followed without delay.

She would remain a beckoning light for the suffering millions.  She used to say with a smile, while in pain, that Jesus had given her a part of his cross.

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