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Thursday, March 21, 2013


 A Times of India report says that Sunny Leone was the most searched person in search engines in 2012 among all other celebrities in the world. She was searched 3.5 Crore times in 2012.  She was not that popular in India before landing in Bollywood though she was well known in U S and other Fashion circles.

Since her arrival she acted in a film and some other films are on way to her. She spent a lot of time in the Bombay film circle and is frequently in the News. Those factors might have contributed for her sudden boost in popularity. But it is also to be admitted that there is a Sunny Leone magic too in it.

Sunny Leone started her porn career doing it only with women and she could have remained limited to it. It did not satisfy her and plunged into hardcore with men also. The word ‘satisfy ‘can be very misleading when talking about porn. It is the intellectual or artist's satisfaction meant by her when she said that. All artists, the writers, painters, singers or actors, find satisfaction in what they are doing, when they achieve their optimum self-expression. In the case of erotica Sunny Leone felt that she was not doing justice to the audience when she limits herself to some particular acts alone. She is a perfectionist while she is an artist too.

 A similar artists’ urge is taking place in her now to become a well-known film actress. She is finding a welcome change of life in Hollywood and the career  more enticing than what she was doing  in the U S. She is thrilled at being in the midst of Hollywood celebrities. She has proved that she is a good actress too and with her celebrity status added to it she can remain engaged in one film or other round the year. The men folk in India would also be happy her around in Mumbai.

 It is very rare, artists choosing a career in porn industry in the beginning and then turning to acting in commercial films. In most cases it is not lack of interest on the artist’s part, the industry  has also to accept it. In the case of Sunny Leone she was welcomed wholeheartedly in to film world and she, in turn, could make a mark in it by one film, including acceptability among audience and industry.

 Sunny Leone has an ability to do things taken up by her expertly and also to remain aloof from what she does or says. It makes her immune to the past deeds. She once said that she nursed no regrets about her past and would not go to every household in India asking to delete her past deeds, she advises to be proud of what everyone does.

She makes sure that her sites are inaccessible to the minors. She thinks when a material is allowed for adults it becomes legally an adults' business and a further classification in to it by moralists is unnecessary and hypocritical. In other words she has firm belief of what is right and wrong and will stick to her concept of Dharma irrespective of any criticism. It  makes her acceptable in every circle.

A man may see her clips an entire night and still ask her a hand in marriage the next day morning;  that is the secret of her success and mystery of her personality.

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