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Monday, January 30, 2012

INDIA: Why Girls from Rich Homes Turn Prostitutes

The Supreme Court of India while hearing a Public interest litigation relating to the plight of prostitutes in Calcutta, observed that prostitution was taking its grip even on girls  from well-to-do families  in India.
" We find  girls from very good families, even at University level education entering the profession driven with desire of high life style" Said the court. " If they join it, what you have for is a very complex problem" The court said.

 What the Hon. court said was true. It is a complex problem in the big cities of India. The  prostitution because of poverty, though not much of an excuse, is understandable but prostitution for its thrill or pocket money by educated girls is difficult to understand for the conservative Indian society as it had not confronted a problem like that until recently.

 Certainly the girls who go for it would not like it to be called as prostitution as they take it simply as a lucrative outing  consisting of a couple hours. It is said that there are girls who get as much as 2 Lakh rupees  for a visit. The professionals, top officers, tourists and industrialists are  the clients and they are ready to pay any amount. Of course there are escort agencies too as middlemen.  They also earn good money, about as much as half of the fee.

The girls frequent four or five times a month at the most and use the money for luxury things or for whatever wayward way they fancy to spend it and it is without the knowledge of parents or other elders in the family.The girls know about the set up from friends or from ads of agencies in Magazines or Internet.

Why girls from rich families go for it ?

The attitude towards sex among the youth is undergoing change in India. A survey reveals that 60 to 65 percent of youths have had sex before they attain twenty years.And about 90 percent of youths believe that there is nothing wrong in pre-marital sex. The changing values are also a contributing factor for teen girls to explore new adventures in the realm of sex.

 While globalization helped immensely for financial uplift,  it also changed society's attitude on many things. Alcoholic abuse, child abuse,  financial frauds, abuses on elders, prostitution etc  have increased manifold.  The money became the king in all areas of life. The girls from well to do families who go for prostitution must be thinking it as a God-send opportunity to make easy money.   The Indian conservative society is certainly undergoing change.

Since Delhi, as the capital city of India is visited frequently by diplomats, politicians and industrialists from outside and inside India  high-end prostitution has a fertile soil there. The business is spread-out in vast areas like Massage parlors, business meetings, farm-houses, luxury Hotels and it has even become an item in tourist packages The Police are not effective when changes in values take place. Besides, the police are finding those cases too hot to handle as the clients are high and mighty.  So the business goes on unchecked and the capital, New Delhi, is abuzz with the young porn stars.

When values shift positions it is a complex matter and that is why the Hon.Supreme court observed it as such.

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