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Saturday, November 19, 2011


THE cesarean deliveries, carried out only in extreme cases in older times, are reported to be on the increase now with the advance of both the Nation and the Medical science as more and more women demand for cesarean. An Indian Express report says that Kerala tops in the list, especially Ernakulam, Kollam and Pathanamthitta Districts.  In Ernakulam more than 50 percent births in the Government Hospitals are reported to be Cesarean. The situation in private Hospitals too would not be different considering the trend among the women and the attending Doctors.

The womenfolk seem to be afraid of the natural process of a childbirth both physically and emotionally and prefer surgery to remain oblivious of the pain and trauma accompanying it. The Medical science has also advanced to cope with the  popular demand.

There is risk factor in both Cesarean and vaginal delivery, however, the Cesarean is of course more risky as it is working with a knife in the tummy despite medical advance.

If there is no complications that demand surgery, I think, the would-be-mothers should take up some courage and participate in the great miracle of nature, the childbirth. It prepares the mother to receive the child both emotionally and physically. After the natural birth the breast milk is produced without delay which in Cesarean cases take up time depriving the baby of its vital first food.  As for the mother, she gets the emotional satisfaction of having become a part of nature's great drama  receving instant prize for it by way of a proud motherhood.

It is believed that the baby while its journey through the mother's body receives anti bodies against certain ailments which in surgical cases the baby does not have a chance to get.

 Tail piece : The  Doctors in a Hospital in Norfolk refused to give intensive care to the baby boy of one
 Sarah Capewell because she delivered the baby two days earlier. The baby, who was breathing normally and the heart beating strongly, was left to die without giving urgent medical care. The rule there stipulates that the Hospital need not give intensive care for the babies born with less than 22 weeks. The unfortunate baby of Sarah was only 21 weeks and 5 days, just two days short. She cried and pleaded with doctors who just refused to attend.