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Saturday, June 29, 2013


All sorts of bizarre sexual relations are reported in the Newspapers now and by their growing numbers they have even ceased to be news at all, not alone in India but all over the world. So the suspicion is whether sexual activism is a by-product of economic development.

 A recent news report tells the sordid story of 11 year old girl who gave birth a baby on her wedding day in her wedding dress.  Yet another Press report from New Zealand beats all stories so far heard. A boy of eleven years old impregnated a 39 years old woman and she gave birth to a healthy baby. The woman was the mother of boy’s friend and that way he often visited the house. The woman felt infatuation over the boy and she somehow coerced the boy into the relation and continued it for some months. Meanwhile she got pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby.

 It seems the boy did not quite like it all and with a prick of conscience he confessed the story to his school Principal who was spellbound hearing it and immediately informed the authorities. Thus the case came to light.

The people who read the story would certainly wonder if it is possible to impregnate a woman at such a tender age of eleven. An age above 15 would have been closer to reality. Well, it is proof now that it is possible.

 Whether a man rapes a woman or woman rapes a man the primary sufferer is woman, physically and socially, so the law generally stands to protect woman. In this case much proof is not needed to surmise that the woman coerced the boy, since a boy of eleven would not dare take advances on his friend’s mother aged 39. Jail sentence is justified if a man rapes a woman, but in this case a punishment would be hollow and adding insult to injury for the woman. The woman who already conceived a baby from the relationship with all its problems, must be undergoing the trauma of social ridicule also.

At the same time how an offense can be ignored ? The law in New Zealand has not dealt with a similar case before.