Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Be sympathetic on Women’s sexual needs

The national conference of sexology organised by the council of sex education & parenthood
international (CSEPI) is taking place at Vashi, Maharashtra and several Doctors and experts in the field are participating in it. They were unanimous in their assessment that women in India have become more forthcoming in demanding a fuller sexual experience from their husbands and if it needs a Doctor’s help, together they go and see a Doctor. The women no longer are secretive and suppressive about sexual matters and view the conjugal bliss their right too.  Dr.Ikshita Asagekar said “earlier women used to consider sex merely as a marital duty towards their husbands. However, now Indian women are demanding their sexual right to orgasm and satisfaction. This is a radical change”

The gynecologists are having more women visitors to their clinics to clear doubts on practical sex, while the doctors running advice columns in Magazines are inundated with letters raising all sorts of doubts on sex, some of them most elementary and stupid, like whether one would get pregnant by touching a man.  The ignorance on sex is appalling .

 But it is only from among the educated urban middle class couples that are coming forward to consult the doctors and they are a small minority. The majority of women living interior rural areas are still shy of making an issue about sex, even when most of their men are guilty of criminal indifference and selfishness towards their spouses in denying them their rightful enjoyment in the sexual partnership. There are males who go to sleep immediately after a quick love-making without ever bothering about his partner's` share of enjoyment in the act. Since liquor is amply available in the country a major portion of intercourse takes place under its intoxication and in many cases it would not be a satisfactory union for the female partners, they are left high dry. It is intriguing why the husbands are least caring in the happiness of their spouses in sexual matters.

The question of satisfactory sex hinges on a number of factors like mutual love, character, health, economic condition, sense of well-being, personal hygiene, sense of beauty, peace of mind etc if the couples are mutually loving and caring it can go a long way in giving a satisfactory sex life.  The alcohol, drugs and other intoxicants are all inhibiting factors for healthy sex. Even the excess viewing of porn can lead to unsatisfactory sex with the partner.

 It is found that people living in countries that have liberal laws and views on sex are more sexually satisfied than those living in countries with restrictions and taboos on sex. Though the U S boasts of its long history of democracy and individual freedom, in the stat report it is not considered a country with people of most satisfied sex life, the inhibiting factors being its puritanical nature of its religious thinking. In the same stat report India is surprisingly high in the satisfaction scale with 60 plus percent satisfied in sex life.  India cannot be said as a sexually liberal country, yet India scores not badly irrespective of its cruel husbands and endless marital dis harmonies.

But it was the other 40 % Indians that we were speaking about and they constitute about500 million citizens in India, it is not a small section of people and the urgent attention of social workers is needed to enlighten the public on healthy sex life and happiness.

Let more and more spouses come out from their inhibitions.  

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